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March 28, 2017

Crisis Of Infinite Reviews 03/22/17

Flash #19
Publisher: DC
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist(s): Jesus Merino & Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Cover: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Williamson just delivered the Flash issue that I’ve been waiting for and it’s even better than anticipated! Sure there’s some nice old school superhero/super villain team up action going on but it’s when the story gets to the heart of the matter things really pick up. Wally finally finds out what happened to his father and Barry gets very honest with his protégé in a moment that unfolds perfectly from Williamson and Di Giandomenico. That entire page is just a perfect snyc of the narrative an artwork. The beginning of the issue is drawn by Jesus Merino who keeps the action fast and fun. Williamson also gives Wally a different use for his powers that should make for some explosive action down the line.

Don’t worry if the team-up in the beginning isn’t your thing. The issue is still very much worth your time due to the talk between Wally and Barry along with the surprise at the end that leads to the upcoming event! 3.5/5


Teen Titans #6
Publisher: DC
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Khoi Pham
Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
Cover: Khoi Pham & Jim Charalampidis

Another addition is coming to the Teen Titans and it’s good to see Kaldur’ahm back in the DCU. Percy is attempting to build some mystery with him here but much like in the New 52 version there’s a lot of secrets about him. He’s also going by the name ‘Jackson King’ for now. His mother isn’t too happy with him standing out either be it his bleached hair, the tattoos, or the fact that he’s gay. However, the issue of his sexuality is handled well and seems very organic to his part of the story. Percy also makes it clear that Jackson wants to belong to something bigger since he has abilities and is inspired by the Teen Titans. Percy is also keeping the new team busy with the investigation of several murders taking place in the waters in San Francisco Bay. The actual team chemistry is coming along nicely though at a slower pace than expected. The moments between Beast Boy and Damian are by far the most fun.

Pham’s art and Charalampidis’ colors keep the story moving and looking good from start to finish. The full page reveal of Aqualad using his powers is pretty fun as the fish have no idea what’s going on and look terrified. It’s also nice that they chose to go with the Young Justice character design than the New 52 one. There’s bursts of action sequences here and there but it’s the expressive look of the characters that pull off the more emotional and fun moments. However the last page of this issue sets up plenty of action for the next! 3/5


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