December 21, 2009

Here Comes (Shudder)…Marmaduke?!?!

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Written by: Drew
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So maybe you think this is a joke. Maybe you think someone is trying to ruin your Christmas spirit. Maybe you think the Mayans were off and the world will end in 2010 instead of 2012.

This is the comic-to-film adaptation we have been waiting for, before The Avengers, before Green Lantern, even before Ghost Rider 2! The executive powers at 20th Century Fox have unleashed the teaser trailer today for (drum roll) Marmaduke!

Just when we thought we were safe from comic adaptations such as Garfield we get…Marmaduke.

And guess what? Owen Wilson is supplying the voice of Marmaduke.

Now you may like Marmaduke. You may even love Marmaduke (key word: may). You may even write me some hateful e-mails with slanderous phrases in an attempt to ruin my day, but you know what: Marmaduke teaser trailer…day already ruined.

In this age there are dozens of Newspaper comic strips that would have been better to make into a feature film: Prince Valiant, Slylock Fox, hell, Moose Miller.

Still it’s better than Ziggy: The Motion Picture.

The movie is directed by Tom Dey (of Jackie Chan Shanghai Noon fame), and based off the comic strip by Brad Anderson, which has been in print since 1954 and is still going.

For the curious thrill seekers out there, click here to see the teaser.

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  1. What the christ.

  2. O_O Since when has Marmaduke talked??!!!

  3. infinite speech

    Christ had nothing to do with this Andy lol

  4. billy

    Wasn’t there a crappy cartoon of this years ago?

  5. Drew, I’m with you. I would have preferred a Slylock Fox movie.
    -Bob Weber Jr.

  6. Drew

    @billy: Yes there was a crappy cartoon version in the same block during the 2nd season of another comic strip character Heathcliff, animated by Ruby-Spears Animation (who animated Thundarr The Barbarian and Plastic-Man).

  7. Drew

    @Bob:I honestly love Slylock Fox, have since a kid. Why hasn’t it been adapted into some other form of media? The character designs are perfect! Obviously by turning it into something it’d be a little different from the strip, but still would make a fun all ages detective film or tv show.

  8. infinite speech

    Maybe it’ll be better than Underdog…maybe.

  9. […] As of 2009, it was announced that Heathcliff will have his own major motion picture in 2011, in which Tom Hanks will be doing the voice of Heathcliff (same vein as Bill Murray doing Garfield or Owen Wilson doing Marmaduke). […]

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