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January 24, 2017

Gotta Have It!: New Pop! Vinyl Figures and Skelton Crew Brings More Locke & Key To Collectors!

Fans of the Funko Pop! Vinyl figures have something else to look forward to as characters from Marvel’s Netflix shows are coming to a shelf near you! Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are straight out of the Jessica Jones series with just as much attitude and ass kicking style as you’d hope for with these figures. This is also probably the only time the word “adorable” will come to mind when you reference Jessica Jones.

Jessica $#@! Jones

Luke “Sweet Christmas” Cage

As we go deeper into Hell’s Kitchen we get the characters from Daredevil Season 2 waiting for you as Elektra, Daredevil, and Frank Castle aka Punisher get the Pop! treatment. For those that like some variety with their vengence Punisher comes in two very different versions. The alternate Chase version has Punisher wearing a completely different outfit and wielding a different gun but the added bonus here is that he’s also clutching the mask of a defeated Daredevil. Daredevil is all decked out in his costume and sporting his cane/nunchuku/billy club and ready to take down some bad guys. I gotta say that this version is a huge improvement over the previous ones thanks to the detail in the costume and mask. Elektra hits the Pop! line-up for the first time and looks great in her ninja outfit which (in my humble opinion) is even better than her comic costume. She’s got a half mask and wields two sais at the ready to stab any Hand ninja who get in her way.

These figures will be available in February however some of you lucky Pop! collectors may have already picked up the Luke Cage figure which slipped out a little early.

Angry Frank Castle aka Punisher

Angrier Frank Castle aka Punisher (Chase Version)

Daredevil with 100% more badassery

More Practical Costume Elektra

Now, way before DJ Khaled laced us with his keys it was Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Jay Fotos that gave us THE keys in their Locke & Key series To take it several steps further, the talented people over at Skelton Crew Studios have been making sure that fans get these keys in their own hands! So now with the release of Locke & Key: Small World they have once again crafted another masterpiece with the Small World Key! Just like every other key from the series, it’s a spot on replica that looks like it was taken right off the page of the book so props to sculptor, Tony Cipriano. Unfortunately, it doesn’t possess any of the magical properties but that shouldn’t stop you from pre-ordering it right now!

With the Small World Key objects are bigger on the inside

Skelton Crew Studios also has a Con Exclusive ready for fans with a rusty iron version of the Grindhouse Key! So if you are at a convention and Skelton Crew Studios is there then I’d suggest running over and picking up this limited edition key because there’s only 250!

Grindhouse Key does not promise it won’t bite


So which Pop! Vinyl figure are you looking forward to the most? Will you be picking up the Small World and Grindhouse Keys? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. klue

    Statues and busts are a little too rich for me but these little guys are perfect!

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