December 20, 2009

Marvel Snapshot: Looking Forward to the Future

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Written by: Billy
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It’s time to roll out another edition of Marvel Snapshot. This week I’ll be talking about what I’m looking forward to in 2010. Specifically, things like, what’s going on with Magneto? Is the return of Steve Rogers hollow? Who is Hope, and what will she bring to the table? All of these questions plus a couple more are gnawing away at me, so let us begin.


First up, I’d like to talk about Hope Summers. Hope first appeared in X-Men #205 (Messiah Complex) and immediately drew the attention of the X-Men, Mr. Sinister, and The Purifiers. She is believed to be the first mutant child born since M-day. Hope has shown that she possesses psionic power; which was enough to short out Cerebro, and that was at birth. The X-Men eventually got to her and sent her into the future with Cable as her mentor and protector. There, the two have been trying to elude Bishop, who believes that she is basically the anti-christ and not the savior the X-Men think she is. At this point in time she and Cable are slowly but surely making their way back to current time in the Cable ongoing series. Marvel is calling this X-chapter “Homecoming” with ” Second Coming” to follow, which wraps up the Messiah Complex/War story line. Personally I think Hope is Jean Grey reincarnated. The only other plausible theory I’ve heard is that Hope is this universe’s (616) Rachel Summers (Copyright- Andy). I’m cool with either one but I think Jean coming back again is kind of played out. Don’t you think so too?

captain-america-who-will-wield-the-shieldAlright, so how about the return of Steve Rogers? I’m really torn about this one, because I love Steve and even though I think Bucky has done a great job, Steve is Captain America. Now there are plenty of haters and people who just think “don’t ever bring anybody back from the dead.” I wish that Marvel wouldn’t have killed him off in the first place to be honest. I know it had a huge impact on Civil War and was a great shocker but pretty much everybody knew Steve would come back eventually so what was really the point? I’ve only read  a couple of issues of Reborn but it seemed like a decent story, so hopefully it will deliver by the last issue…which is now #6 if you didn’t know. I’m all for bringing Steve coming back sooner than later, especially with the impending Siege story line. It will be great to see Steve, Tony, and Thor back together again. Its been a long time coming and I have a lot of fond memories from their days together in the Avengers. I hope Marvel doesn’t plan on only reuniting them for Siege and then having them go their seperate ways again.


Next, I’d like to talk briefly about Magneto. What’s he up to, and why the X-Men were so quick to let one of their most hated and brutal enemies walk right into their home? I’m wondering why he gassed out so easily in the fight with the Predator X’s too. He seemed to be fully charged and back to his old self the last time he was seen, didn’t he? I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Mag is gonna put one over on the X-Men sooner than later. Hopefully, Matt Fraction will stay on this title long enough to see this through. I for one could see Magneto setting up Scott for a big fall, all the while gaining the trust of the others on Utopia to usurp the title of leader. Think about it for a minute, Magneto has never been the “follower.” He’s the one giving orders, not taking them. There was a huge build up to his return, and we saw him in UXM #500 where he looked as if he was pretty darn serious about killing anyone in his way. Well, I guess only time will tell.

1254144734461_fnategreydxm3Finally, I’d like to talk a little about Nate Grey, a.k.a. X-Man. I wasn’t too sure at first when Age of Apocalypse was over that bringing any of those characters to this continuity was a good idea, especially Nate. Anytime you bring a supremely powerful being into the mix, things really get shook up. When there’s already a pecking order as to who are the most powerful beings in a universe, throwing someone like Nate into the equation always presents problems. I thought most of the X-Man series was done fairly well, but it seemed to lose a lot of steam when they changed Nate into some kind of traveling Shaman or whatever that was. To me, he would have been OK on a team book for a while instead of getting killed off. There is definitely a ton of potential in this character and hopefully Marvel will write him that way. I really enjoyed X-Man in his own series. I thought it always kept you on your toes with the guest appearances and his connection to the Summers family. I don’t think he’d be great on a team book for an extended period of time though, so I hope Marvel doesn’t go that route.

Well, that’s it for this week. As always I welcome the comments and hope to hear some of your thoughts on where Marvel is heading in the near future. See you next week and have a Happy Holiday!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. I agree: Hope is either Jean or 616 Rachel…and you already know what I think on that one. : D

    As for Cap, I don’t see Bucky taking off the costume anytime soon; he’s like Dick Grayson Batman and it works. I think Steve and Fury should hook up and run S.H.I.E.L.D. together. Plus, in Brubaker I trust.

    I think Fraction explained Magneto’s return pretty clearly in Uncanny (he BOWED before Cyclops!), and his back up story in Nation X #1 confirmed that he’s on Utopia with only good intentions. It’s like people who still argue that Emma is going to betray the X-Men. Mags has allied with the X-Men before, but on an island with all of mutant kind present, I doubt he could do much damage on his own before getting lynched. As for him tiring out, I think it’s because A) He’s old and has taken lots of punches in his day and B) He has only recently gotten his powers back and it may be tiring him when they are used in intense doses.

  2. I think you have a point Andy. Let’s think about Magneto for a moment: He was in Auschwitz when he was a teenager(?) I believe. That was in the 1940’s! He would have to be in his 70’s by now! IN HIS 70’S! I don’t care how powerful he is with his mutant powers…he’s an elderly man now.

    I think it’s time that Magneto acts more his age and steps back into a teacher/instructor type of role for now on. Even in the context of the Marvel Universe, I can’t see a near 80 year old man on the front lines of superhero smackdowns. (And I’m not talking about immortals or “cheaters” with healing factors)

  3. Billy

    @Andy-I agree about the Cap/Bucky dynamic. I think Steve is gonna go all Nick Fury on everybody’s A**, and Bucky will continue being in the stars and stripes…well until Siege gets rolling anyway. I think Magneto’s got something up his sleeve though. Keep an eye out. I like Rachel from the alternate universe, so I’m “hoping” Jean’s back.

  4. Billy

    @Bill-Don’t forget about Mag’s being turned back into a baby on Muir Island. That has been explained as too why he hasn’t aged like most people. 🙂

  5. @ Billy:

    I KNEW someone would mention that! LOL

    I still call B.S. on that, because he still looked the exact same when he was returned to adulthood! He did not look even one day younger. The guy is in his 70’s (at least), time for him to scale back now I say.

  6. billy

    @Bill-I knew that the baby Mags theory would go over like a lead balloon. lol

    “Throat Slicer” LOL!

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