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November 6, 2016

Character Spotlight: Billy Kaplan

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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One of the most powerful magic users in the multiverse. Destined to become a godlike hero. able to warp reality as he wishes. The Sorcerer Supreme? No, though he has been a candidate for the position! The Demiurge himself, Billy Kaplan! How does one get such infinite cosmic power without the itty-bitty living space? It’s complicated but let’s find out!

William “Billy Kaplan is two people in one. Eldest son of Rebecca and Jeff Kaplan who was frequently bullied in school for being a gay nerd. He is also the reincarnation of one of Scarlet Witch’s twin children whose original souls were fragments of the demon Mephisto. Who was then wished into the reincarnation cycle when she lost her children to the reforming of the demon. It would be many years before either would know the truth about this. So simple.

As if it were a cosmic coincidence, Billy’s favorite member of the Avengers was Scarlet Witch and he’d frequently hang outside the Avengers Mansion gates hoping to see her or any other Avenger. He’d finally get his wish one day when Scarlet Witch would actually talk it him and discuss his concerns with his getting bullied. She’d give him words of encouragement and a tap on the head, which seemed to have a strange reaction. Next time Billy was attacked at school he’d suddenly be defending himself with a bolt of lighting.


When he would return to Avengers Mansion to ask for assistance, he’d find they’d disbanded. There was hope in a figure named Iron Lad arriving to ask for help and found Billy’s name was in the Avengers potential allies database. Seeing that he had a power set similar to Thor, lightning and flight, named himself Asgardian. Soon he was part of a team calling themselves the Young Avengers and learning his powers were more wish based with many variations and renaming himself to Wiccan.


The most important member of his team he’d meet was Teddy Altman, the shape changing Hulkling. The two would start dating and their relationship and love for one another would save the universe on more than one occasion. Along with the Young Avengers, Billy would fight gains registration during the superhero Civil War and fight all manner of strange enemies and help his teammates deal with their own personal demons as they would help him.


Billy would meet fellow teammate, Speed, who looked like he could have been Billy’s twin but with silver white hair. This would be the beginnings of Billy’s theory that the world were somehow related to Scarlet Witch and her family. Since Scarlet Witch as missing, Billy and the rest of the Young Avengers, along with Quicksilver and Magneto, would go on a search for her. Eventually finding her and the truth, Billy would reunite with his past life family.


Billy and Teddy would retire from heroics for a while after the death of several Young Avengers but are pulled back in when Billy accidentally summons a dangerous entity from another dimension. Now with a mix of new and returning members of the Young Avengers, Billy would learn of his future as the powerful Demiurge who would be a hero to many across dimensions as an effective god.


When the new Young Avengers split up feeling themselves to be a bit older than their team name suggested, Billy and Teddy would join the New Avengers and soon become engaged. While with his twam, Billy would begin to take his first steps towards becoming the mighty Demiurge. When that mantle is fully assumed is not quite here yet.


There you have it! Billy Kaplan is a great character and a favorite of mine as I really loved the Young Avengers series and he’s a magic user, something I always have a soft spot for. His relationship it Teddy has been one of the more important ones in Marvel’s roster of relationships. I hope hey get a big wedding spectacular and get to continue being in omits afterward. See you next time!


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