October 6, 2016

Marvel Reviews: Nighthawk #5

06606e3e-71dd-4fb8-a280-becd9e402c9fNighthawk #5
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: David Walker
Artist: Martin Morazzo
Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain
Cover: Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, & Chris Sotomayor

David Walker continues to amaze with his story of police corruption, vigilantes, and psychopathic killers in one of Marvel’s most slept on titles. But even with things coming to an end the creative team won’t be caught slacking as this issue hits another sweet spot.

Walker left us with Nighthawk captured by the murderous Reveler and now we see that he’s truly picturing himself as a savior of sorts for the city of Chicago. The dialogue is just as twisted as Reveler himself and consists of vomit, broken bodies, and comments on an even more broken justice system. All of this makes you eager for the two to have a real confrontation but Walker isn’t giving it away so soon. He does however, masterfully push the corruption plot which holds up just as well as any superhero filled segment. And let’s not forget that Tilda brings the perfect amount of levity to a book immersed in very serious and violent themes. Her back and forth with Nighthawk is always something to look forward to because you never know where Walker is going with her dialogue.

Morazzo and Bonvillain continue to deliver some of the strongest and unique visuals coming out of a Marvel title here in Nighthawk. The opening sequence perfectly captures the discussion between Reveler and Nighthawk and even teases what he actually looks like. Key word though is “teases”. There’s a great looking layout here where Bonvillain colors the Tilda sequences differently from the rest of the panels and also lines them up in the center. It draws your eye and has Walker’s dialogue play out in a more interesting way.

It’s too bad this series is ending because not only is it what some fans have been asking for but it’s one of the few Marvel titles also not bogged down by Civil War II. The creative team has been giving nothing but quality storytelling on several levels and the next issue can’t come soon enough.

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