May 28, 2016

Valiant Reviews: Divinity II #2

682456_57cf17d0163546ee26239acfd7cce8aab1940b83Divinity II #2
Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Trevor Hairsine
Colorist: David Baron
Cover: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

Myshka has wasted no time in taking steps to bring her homeland to power and a status she feels it deserves. Her actions have brought the attention of others who see the similarity between her and Divinity but they also see the differences and that scares them more.

There’s rare exceptions where the sequel is just as good or even better than the original and Divinity II is on it’s way to being better than it’s previous series. If you were concerned with this being a rehash of what we saw with Abram don’t worry because Myshka is not only the other side of the coin but she’s got an agenda and is using it. We’re brought up to speed on what’s been happening then Kindt drops you into an action sequence that gives you a glimpse of how ruthless and unforgiving Myshka is just in case you forgot about her actions last issue. She is not to be messed with and it helps to make her not only a credible villain but a scary one as well. The pacing is just as tense when we see the remaining Unity members desperately trying to come up with a plan in light of what’s been revealed. And though we do get the obvious solution, what Kindt does with the outcome of that was totally unexpected. Not going to spoil it for anyone but it was a jaw dropping moment.

As per the usual you will get panel after panel of stunning artwork from Harisine. The action scene mentioned earlier hit every perfect beat and the detail of the characters is almost perfect. Specifically when we see Myshka closing in on Ninja-L and the look of terror on his face. We know the inevitable is going to happen but you feel sorry for the guy. Abrams entrance on the battlefield and Hairsine’s visual demonstration of his power set was great to see again. As good as the art is, Ryan Winn and David Baron on inks and colors complete once again what is one of the best looking comics out. We get a brief look at how angry Myshka is with Abram as the ferocity of her attack reveals more than anything Kindt could have supplied for the word balloon. You can almost feel the impact in this fantastic looking page. I’d also like to point out that Myshka’s character design is similar to Abram’s yet Hairsine doesn’t push her gender to the forefront of the suit’s design. It’ a subtle move but has a nice impact visually and a very welcome one.

Divinity II #2 continues to excel and impress not only with it’s current story but for hinting at what’s to come in the Valiant Universe. And with titles this great you’ll want to make sure you’re a part of it and soon!

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