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May 12, 2016

Indie Reviews: Queen #1

b139e59655a5bf878056a5f9e81231d6_originalQueen #1
Publisher: Jamie Me TM.
Writer: Jamie Me
Artist: Bernardinus Gita
Colorist: Sean Callahan
Cover: Bernadinus Gita & Sean Callahan

Queen wastes very little time pulling you into it’s story as the murder on the opening page sets the tone. A regretful Deputy Prime Minister next to the lifeless body of the Prime Minister. Did she do it? Probably, but we won’t know for sure unless we go down the political thriller rabbit hole!

Me makes a strong case to find out what’s going on in this world of lies and deception. We see early on that the Prime Minister just might not be on the level with his political agenda and he’s publicly being called out for it. But the story takes off when we’re introduced to Emily and she receives a mysterious phone call. The exchange between the two sets up the plot while also fleshing out the Deputy Prime Minister’s character and we see how she factors into the plan. Me also gives a nice balance of world building along with the drama that makes this a strong first issue.

As far as the visuals are concerned, Gita’s work starts off strong and then totally syncs up with Me’s narrative during that phone call. The detail of Emily’s expressions and body language are just spot on and really helps to put the sequence over. Callahan does fine work on the colors helping to bring out Gita’s work in the story. There is a moment in the limo where Emily is overwhelmed by her thoughts and verbally lashes out at her son. It’s a strong scene but her expression is so extreme that it slightly takes you out of the moment. Other than that, Queen has some solid visual storytelling moving these events along. There’s also a nice connection between what’s written on her package and the cover that might just allude to more.

This creative team put out a strong first showing and again are representing the power of indie titles. So, if you are partial to political thrillers and enjoy moving beyond the capes and tights crowd then you’ll want to give Queen a try. Because the majority of the time it’s the evil that real men can and will do that’s scarier than the schemes of a super villain.

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