May 10, 2016

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 05/04/16

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Written by: Arnab
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4001 A.D. #1 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: Valiant’s new event is a five star mix of great art and story!

A-Force #5 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Say hello to your new favorite series!

Assassin’s Creed Free Comic Book Day (Titan)cap 9
Infinite Speech: Nice primer to get you interested in the AC titles from Titan.

Batman: Detective Comics #52 (DC)
Arnab: Meh, this whole issue felt weird. I think the military connection made it especially weird that Gordon-Bat didn’t really have any authority to do what he did.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #9 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: This was a great issue and then Chance shows up and speaks the harsh truth!

Civil War II #0 FCBD (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Too bad those leaks spoiled this one’s impact but now I’m anxious for Civil War II to see the fallout

Empress #2 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Fast paced and an excellent set up with one hell of a cliffhanger! Hope that kid sprouts wings!

Flash #51 (DC)
Arnab: Do secret identities mean nothing anymore? They’re a secret for a reason!
Infinite Speech: Riddler just isn’t a compelling villain here and why is the public identity reveal necessary?

Midnighter #12 (DC)
Arnab: This is the gay hero we all deserve. This series has been top notch.

Moon Knight #2 (Marvel)midnighter 12
Infinite Speech: Khonshu reveals more to Marc and this is even better than last issue!

Predator: Life and Death #3 (Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech: Everything about this series has been what every Predator fan wants to see!

Rat Queens #16 (Image)
Infinite Speech: Tess Fowler and Tamra Bonvillian continue to visually kick ass on this title! Oh, and I really did like Dave. Poor guy.

ROM / Action Man Prologue #0 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: Love the visual updates for ROM and can’t wait for the series to start!

Sons of the Devil #7 (Image)
Infinite Speech: Wrong place and wrong time. This is not going to go well next issue.

Street Fighter V #1 (Udon)
Infinite Speech: Enjoyed this more than 3 issues of Street Fighter vs G.I. Joe.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #57 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: Serial killer Leatherhead is scary but helps make this another stellar issue!

Thunderbolts #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: So, those last two pages were quite a surprise! Good to see the classic T-Bolts back!

wicked divine 19Uncanny X-Men #7 (Marvel)
Arnab: I got this book as part of the Apocalypse Wars and I have no idea what is going on.
Infinite Speech: All it took was an artist switch and I’m enjoying this a lot more.

Valiant: 4001 A.D. FCBD Special (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: Gets you ready for the event then shows off other titles you should read from Valiant.

The Walking Dead #154 (Image)
Arnab: Honestly, Andrea and Maggie just chilling was my favorite part of the issue.

The Wicked + The Divine #19 (Image)
Arnab: Hot damn! Baal looking damn sexy on that cover.



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