April 26, 2016

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 04/20/16

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Written by: Arnab
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Action Comics #51 (DC)
Martin: 3.5/5 stars. There’s so much jammed into this issue that many plot points get resolved too quickly. Strong Pelletier art.

All-New Hawkeye #6 (Marvel)
NickZ: I’m sad this series is ending but it was the perfect ending. Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez did Team Hawkeye proud!

DIVINITY2_001_COVER-A_DJURDJEVICAstro City #34 (Vertigo)
Martin: 4/5 stars. Another fantastic chapter in a criminally overlooked book. Great conclusion to an interesting arc about villains.

Bloodshot Reborn #12 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: The Analog Man story is five star material and worth every penny!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #26 (Dark Horse)
NickZ: Damn D’Hoffryn! He played the Scoobies like a harp from (literal) hell!

Captain America: Sam Wilson #8 (Marvel)
Infnite Speech: Steve and Sam have a great moment but Standoff needs to hurry up and end.

Chew Demon Chicken Poyo #1 (Image)
NickZ: The best bed time story/nursery rhyme you will ever read! Don’t miss all the hilarious Easter Eggs too!
Infinite Speech: There is NOTHING like a Poyo story! NOTHING!

Deadpool #10 (Marvel)east of west 25
NickZ: I literally laughed out loud several times while reading this issue. These guys are having too much fun making this book.

Deadpool the Mercs for Money #3 (Marvel)
NickZ: ‘Pool hosts a super villain auction and it’s as hilarious as you’d imagine.

Divinity II #1 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: Matt Kindt, Trevor Hairsine, and David Baron’s return to Divinity is nothing short of spectacular! Myshka is one scary character and I can’t wait for her to meet up w/ Abram!

Doctor Fate #11 (DC)
Martin: 3/5 stars. Khalid is an interesting choice for Fate, & I love the cartoonish art style. This issue’s just a bit disjointed.

Dusu: Path of the Ancient #3 (Stranger Comics)
Infinite Speech: Did not see that one coming and neither did Dusu’s brother! Another stellar issue by Jones, Garner, and Webster!

East of West #25 (Image)
Arnab: I know I’ve said it before, but shit is about to go down.
Martin: 4/5 stars. The start of a new arc, full of great moments with Death and some more character development for Wolf.

Extraordinary X-Men #9 (Marvel)
NickZ: This was frigging awesome! This future is crazy!
Infinite Speech: Could this be true? I’m enjoying this crossover?! Yes!

The Flash #50 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. The Wally West back-up story is a lot of fun. I wish the main story had featured the Rogues a bit more.

1771b613-a9bf-4764-8748-d8020e474dd6Howard the Duck #6 (Marvel)
NickZ: Howard and Squirrel Girl continue their hilarious team-up and we get to enjoy more of Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North’s entertaining commentary!

Huck #6 (Image)
NickZ: A really good book with the type of hero that we haven’t seen in a very long time.
4/5 stars. Fabulous Albuquerque art. The ending to this series is a little rushed, but still illustrates why Huck is so likeable.
Infinite Speech: This ended up being a much better story than I assumed it would be! Huck is worth checking out by any comic fan!

Invincible #127 (Image)
NickZ: The one where Mark cries….A LOT! Nice to have Cory Walker back drawing this book for a bit.

Jem and the Holograms #14 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: Just when things started start going well Thompson throws another curveball into this damn fine story! I’m even starting to feel for Pizzazz now!

Joyride #1 (Boom!)
NickZ: Fantastic new series! I already love these characters and Marcus To’s art is amazing… as usual!
Martin: 4.5/5 stars. A science-fiction story full of fun, excitement, & adventure, with good art and some snappy dialogue? Yes, please!

Karnak #3 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Can we just end all the other Inhuman books except this one? Karnak is all we need!

Lazarus Sourcebook #1 (Image)
Martin: 4/5 stars. Is this necessary? Probably not. I’m still going through the details, but I love world-building like this.

Martian Manhunter #11 (DC)
Martin: 3.5/5 stars. This has been one of the highlights of “DC You” but with only 1 issue left, just wait for the trade.

Mighty Thor #6 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Dauterman and Garres draw one hell of a story while Aaron gives us a focus on Odinson. Spoiler alert: Somebody gets knocked the @#$! out!

684373_jem-the-holograms-14-subscription-variantObi-Wan & Anakin #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: Loving this series, feels like an episode of the Clone Wars TV show.

Power Man and Iron Fist #3 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Walker makes Danny and Luke the ultimate buddy combination while Greene adds another layer of kick ass visual storytelling to the mix! Pick this one up and fast!

Shaft: Imitation of Life #3 (Dynamite)
Infinite Speech: Walker knows what makes Shaft a great character and brings all of that out in this series! Everything about this detective story has been worth the read folks!

Superman American Alien #6 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. A really compelling look at Clark’s relationship with his old Smallville friends & how he’s changed.
NickZ: This is legit one of my favorite Superman stories… EVER! Max Landis and Jonathan Case nailed it!

spideypool 4Superman: Lois & Clark #7 (DC)
Martin: 4/5 stars. I’m enjoying this series so much more than the main Superman titles.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #4 (Marvel)
Arnab: This is easily my favorite Deadpool book out there. #SpideyPool4Eva

Switch #3 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: Stjepan Sejic knocks this out of the park and breaths new life in the Witchblade mythos!

The Uncanny Inhumans #7 (Marvel)
NickZ: That Ahura is something else. Kids are nothing but trouble.

Tokyo Ghost #6 (Image)
Infinite Speech: You know that comic that you think can’t impress you anymore but continues to blow your mind with it’s art and story? That’s Tokyo Ghost.

Totally Awesome Hulk #5 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Does Cho not realize that regardless of how smart you are a beautiful woman can make a man dumb pretty quick. Great cliffhanger as well from Pak and things are going to get violent!

Wonder Woman #51 (DC)
NickZ: I don’t know which parts of this book were real! I hope the ending wasn’t!

X-O Manowar #46 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: Wasn’t a huge fan of the art at times in this issue but Trill is a superb villain for Aric and needs to be around for a while!



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