April 28, 2016

Marvel Reviews: Power Man and Iron Fist #3

Power+Man+&+Iron+Fist+#+3+coverPower Man and Iron Fist #3
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: David Walker
Artist: Sanford Greene
Colorist: Lee Loughride
Cover: Sanford Greene

Jennie and Black Mariah have finally unlocked the power of the Supersoul Stone and are putting it to good use. Which is basically robbing as many of Tombstone’s businesses as possible. All of this comes after Jennie duped Luke and Danny into getting it from Tombstone in the first place. All of this has led to the misconception that Power Man and Iron Fist are back doing their Hero for Hire thing and the streets are watching.

David Walker continues to put his own stamp on this series as he juggles the super hero action while reinforcing the relationship between Luke and Danny. Which aside from a few times in their past has to be one of the most organic and believable aspects of this title. He does this in some terrific ways like the opening sequence where Jessica is giving both men an earful. It’s a very realistic exchange between all three and filled with the humor and tense beats that comes in that situation. Walker also has thrown a lot of characters in here but at no time does it feel over crowded or weighted down. He gives everyone a purpose for being here and not just taking up panel space. Though it’s still a little upsetting to see how blind Danny is to the idea that Jenny lied to them. It’s the only part of the story that seems like a stretch. There’s also the fact that Black Mariah hasn’t had the large role as antagonist as it seemed she would. Hopefully that will change as time goes on because it would be great to see her as a formidable villain in this new era of comics.

With the added element of magic, Walker has a cameo by Doctor Strange that falls a little flat. That is until we meet, Señor Magico who has some choice words about the Sorcerer Supreme and makes it all the better. But this is also where Walker reveals that even though there’s been plenty of laughs along the way that a very real element of danger is present as well. Thus effectively raising he stakes to more than just a few scraps with some of Tombstone’s henchmen.

Sanford Greene and colorist Lee Loughride continue to make sure that this is just as good a story visually as the narrative from Walker. That opening sequence is one of the top moments here because Greene knows the exact expressions (or lack thereof) to give us to make Walker’s words more effective. The splash page that lays out the history of the Supersoul Stone has a real Parliament Funkadelic meets Zuulu Nation look to it that is just cool. The huge action scenes are crazy but easy to follow and leave you wanting more.

Power Man and Iron Fist is a refreshing Marvel comic in that it’s not tied to some huge event or crossover and stands firmly on it’s own. Walker has found a voice for everyone involved here and it doesn’t sound like anything else coming out of Marvel. Check it out for yourself and see.

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