April 14, 2016

Emerald City Comic Con 2016

Another Emerald City Comic Con has come and gone but what we have left are the memories and all the pictures taken. Let’s get to the great cosplay and folks that were there.


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There is one thing in particular I want to talk about. While overall the convention was fun, there was a major hiccup a half an hour before I had to leave for my flight.


ECCC and the Washington State Convention Center are known for having gender neutral bathrooms. Where all are welcome to safely use the facilities. Well it sounds great in concept but still needs work in practice. I was kicked out of one of these bathrooms by a janitor for being in the wrong bathroom. I have also heard from other con-goers that this and similar activity happened to them as well. Whether it was convention center staff or other con-goers, the gender neutral bathrooms need some work on actually being safe. I was contacted by the VP of the convention center and was given an apology and we are keeping in touch to make sure this doesn’t happen in this building ever again. Here’s hoping from here on out, we don’t have problems with these bathrooms again.

Dr. Bustos




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