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March 20, 2016

Character Spotlight: Heat Wave

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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He’ll heat things up and burn them down! Whether it’s with a book of matches, a hi-tech gun, or some strange powers from within, Heat Wave’s going to give out sick burns. So who is the fire man? How did he get to be a member of Flash’s Rogues Gallery? Let’s find out!


Mick Rory was a farm boy born just outside of Central City. Obsessed with fire from a young age, he’d burn down his own home and become so entranced with the flames that he did not bother to help his family escape, leaving them all to perish. He’d go to live with an uncle and attend school in Central City. While on a school field trip, Mick would be locked in a meat locker as a prank by a fellow student. Nearly freezing to death, Mick gain a fear of being cold, he’d gain vengeance on the prankster by leaving him locked in a building he’d burn down.


Running away to avoid retribution, he’d join the circus as a fire eater until he burned the circus down as well. Trying to find a fuel for his burning desire for fire, he would begin seeing news stories if the Flash, and more importantly, his Rogues fighting it out. Mick would be inspired to create a fireproof suit and a miniaturized flamethrower gun that had all the power of its full-sized counterpart so he could begin a life of crime.


He would become an adversary of the Flash and a member of the Rogues. He would do this for several years before retiring. Deciding to go legit and becoming a consultant for the fire department, using his knowledge of how to make the most devastating fires to extinguish new flames before they could start to be a problem. He’d even become friends with Barry Allen, who he would learn was The Flash.


Sadly, Mick’s ego would get the better of him and he’d take up an invite from fellow Rogue, Abra Kadabra would offer him and several other Rogues power and fame. This would lead to them losing their souls and becoming monsters who would bring about chaos and death. The Flash and his wife, Linda Park, would be able to rescue them but Mick’s life on the straight and narrow was dead.


Back in the Rogues game, he would be one of the Rogues responsible for killing the newest Flash, Bart Allen. This would shake him as he realized that this wasn’t something he ever wanted in his goals of being an enemy of the Flash. He would be taken away and locked up on the prison planet, Salvation, with fellow villains. While there he would side with Lex Luthor but refused to kill another hero when the Martian Manhunter was at their mercy.


Returning to Earth, Mick along with the other Rogues would turn down the up and coming Libra and their Secret Society of Supervillains. He’d get into fights with several other fire-based villains and come out on top due to his superior gear and skills. He would help fellow Rogue, Intertia, escape from Libra’s Society and, along with the other Rogues, become a thorn in Libra’s side.


In the New 52, Mick Rory has pyrokinesis that bursts forth from his chest. He works with his fellow Rogues, many of them having gained superpowers in this version as opposed to wielding advanced technologies.


There you have it! Heat Wave has gained some popularity recently by appearing on the television shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, becoming partner in crime with Captain Cold. He’s more of a hot-headed aggressor than an arsonist in this version but it seems to work. What will happen to him in the comics? Who knows! See you next time!


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