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March 6, 2016

Character Spotlight: Enchantress

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Every little thing she does is magic. Sometimes it’s dark magic but it can be for helping! Who am I talking about? Enchantress, a sorcerer who has a lot of scary magical power at her command. How did she get this power and what does she do with it? Let’s find out!

June Moon was just an artist attending a party at a haunted castle when she’d find a mysterious being who would grant her magic powers when she said the words “The Enchantress.” She would use these powers to stop a minotaur from attacking the castle. Something June hadn’t bargained for was that the powers not only transformed her physically, giving her dark hair and green eyes, but also was giving the Enchantress persona power over her.


Her loss of control over the Enchantress would begin to show when she would attempt to gain more power to protect the Earth. The only problem with this plan was that a whole town would likely die in the process. Supergirl was able to interfere with her ritual, she’d get away and have some more villainous adventures.

The Suicide Squad was recruiting team members from the villain side of the super-powered community, June would volunteer because Amanda Waller promised to help June with her darker side. While working with the Squad she is making the Enchantress side of her stronger with each use of her powers and struggling to remain in control. She would go visit Madame Xanadu to help her learn what was wrong with her and for help. It turns out that the Enchantress side was taking over and becoming evil due to June’s lack of magical training which tore down her aura. If June could withhold from magic, she could stop Enchantress from becoming worse. She was given a ring and necklace that could allow her to use magic if necessary but it would make Enchantress that much more deadly if she could break free.


A demon would rip the Enchantress aspect away from June and she would leave the Suicide Squad behind and disappear for some time. June would resurface during the Day of Judgement, when the Spectre would begin eradicating all magic in the universe. She’d have the Enchantress back under her control but it would soon be killed by Faust so he could ignite the flames of Hell again. This causes June to go into a daze until she is reunited with the Enchantress who was still alive hiding out as a succubus named Anita Soulfeeda. Anita Soulfeeda. Thank you, comics.

When other magical users form the Shadowpact to fight off the Spectre, June is one of those able to help. She would read the mind of Eclipso who had been assisting Spectre so she could gather intel.  When they go out to fight off the Spectre, she gives teammate the Ragman a gun that can kill her in case she loses control of the Enchantress. When the dust settles after the chaos, the Shadowpact agrees to stay together to fight what new and ancient magical threats have been unearthed from all that has happened.


Working with Shadowpact, she would have strange adventures like being trapped in bubbled city for a short period of time but to the outside world, appear to be gone for a whole year. She would assist Checkmate in fighting Kobra and stopping Doctor Gotham by destroying his collection of magical artifacts. June would get an apprentice in Laura Fell, the two would try to rescue fellow Shadowpact teammates from the Land of the Nightshade, but releasing a species called the Unbound, in the process of doing so. To save the day, June would come up with and create a new magical virus to kill of this species in particular, stopping them from killing everyone.

In the New 52, the entire team of Justice League Dark forms to fight an unleashed Enchantress who has been broken free from June Moon. This happened due to Madame Xanadu trying to help separate the two safely but would have to get close enough to reverse the spell she’d originally cast.


There you have it! Enchantress will be one of several people showing up in the Suicide Squad movie. She looks very different from her comic’s version. We haven’t really seen what she’s capable in that yet but let’s hope she’s interesting. She is like a dark mirror of what the Shazam family can be in regards to how you interact with your magical persona. Maybe we’ll see some of that. See you next time!

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