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March 2, 2016

BOOM! Reviews: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

PowerRangers_001_A_MainMighty Morphin Power Rangers #1
Publisher: BOOM!
Writer(s): Kyle Higgins & Steve Orlando
Artist(s): Hendry Prasetya & Corin Howell
Colors: Matt Herms
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Jamal Campbell

If you missed out on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #0 don’t worry because Bulk and Skull get you caught up on the big events pretty quickly. Though the big question on everyone’s mind is can the Green Ranger be trusted? He’s recently switched sides and is fighting alongside the Rangers after causing them so much trouble. The woes of everyday life also come into play here as the team is balancing their personal lives with Ranger duties as well.

Now, if you were expecting a direct translation of your favorite characters from the show to here then you might be disappointed. However, this actually works well as Higgins tones down the over the top antics that might not work here. One thing the show didn’t have time to do was flesh out the characters beyond Putty and Zord fighting ninja. Higgins definitely delivers more on this front as characterization looks to be as important as delivering the huge action sequences.

Tommy is battling his own issues made worse as Rita Repulsa’s disembodied voice questions his every move. This was a great move we saw last issue and helps adds a bit of a sinister touch to a once laughable villain. Higgins also shows us that everything might not be all great in Zack’s world either. The interactions between him and Jason were great and shows a certain bond between them aside from being teammates. Rita and her crew actually seem like villains that pose a threat instead of overacting caricatures here for a punch line. The characters that do lend themselves to this are Bulk and Skull but even that is toned down a bit but works just fine in the back-up story by Steve Orlando.

As far as the visuals go there are some very good sequences in here. Prasetya nails much of the expression and tension needed to move the character moments along with making the action sequences look intense and fun. Again, don’t look for the character’s to be exact representations of their television counterparts. Praseyta channels the essence of the character in each one and the visuals are close enough to where it’s not an issue. Let’s be honest here, you’d rather see them in Ranger costumes fighting anyway. Corin Howell takes over for the Bulk and Skull backup story and the more animated style fits perfectly.

This is a take on the Rangers that longtime fans will want to read even if it’s just for a nostalgic look. Those with a passing interest will still be able to jump into the story without any problems. This does seem to be a more serious take on the mythos but at no point is the fun and spirit of the Power Rangers lost in here. All of the elements for a great series are here so get your copy and see for yourself.


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