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January 30, 2016

DC Reviews: Cyborg #7

CYB-Cv7-ds-1ee15Cyborg #7

Publisher: DC

Writer: David F. Walker

Artist: Claude St. Aubin

Cover: Szymon Kudranski

With the help of the Metal Men and S.T.A.R. Labs, Cyborg was able to successfully fight off the Technosapien attack but not without repercussions. Due to the devastating nature of the invasion the government has decided to step in and lay claim to the facility’s research and cybernetics. Including Cyborg himself which they see as property as well.

This issue slows down the action as Walker prepares us for the next step in Cyborg’s evolution. However there’s an nice amount of tension and character building as things are put into place. He starts by hitting you on an emotional level with a sequence involving Victor’so mother. If you’re familiar with Cyborg’s origin then the scene works on several levels. If you’re new to the character then Walker has effectively set up what you need to know without backtracking through decades of comics. In just five panels Walker hits the emotional beats perfectly and adding the song and tombstone just puts it over. He’s also having Victor deal with the secret of his new abilities in an unexpected way that actually works better than expected. Only because for so long he had some serious internal issues about his outward appearance. Walker also throws Victor a surprise that no one saw coming and seeing how that plays out will be emotional.

Claude St. Aubin provides the art for this issue and assisted by Andy Owens on inks and Adriano Lucas on colors they maintains a strong visual look for this story. Heightening the drama in Walker’s script and keeping things tense along the way. The action we do get here is in flashbacks but making the scenes huge helps to switch up the pace and tone a bit.

Cyborg #7 is another solid issue that is effectively shaping one of the most underrated characters in the DCU. We haven’t seen Cyborg written this well on a consistent basis in quite some time. So its refreshing to see this amount of work being put into him. If you haven’t been reading Cyborg just know issue is just as comfortable a jumping on point as a first isue would be. With that being said, go pick it up!


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