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January 28, 2016

Indie Reviews: Overrun #1-4

FinalOVerrun1Overrun #1-4
Writer(s): Andi Ewington & Matt Woodley
Artist: Paul Green
Cover: Cosmo White & Kinetic Underground

We got an early preview of Overrun which was available during the 2014 London Super Comic Con  Now it’s here in all of it’s four issue glory for you to enjoy as the creative team takes you into the world that exists inside of your computer. Now this isn’t a digitized cyber landscape like in Tron but one that looks like our own and is populated by characters that are nods to video game and pop culture as well as computer programs and files. If you’re thinking that we’ve been on this journey before then you’d be partially correct. Though, as familiar as some of the story elements are, Ewington and Woodley inject enough originality in Overrun to keep things unpredictable and fun along the way.

As we enter the world of Overrun, the Hierarchy is planning to wipe everything clean and starting over. Destroying everyone and everything within and that just doesn’t sit well with a select few of the populace. Detectives McAfee and Norton are on the case as a virus outbreak kicks off cybergeddon! Various files have been turned into zombie-like creatures to spread the infection planned by the Hierarchy member, Macintosh. This is when things just kick into high gear and Ewington and Woodley don’t slow down until the last page. The “team” that comes together to fight the infection and the big bad are the most entertaining bunch of misfits you’ll get to know. It’s clearly evident that the writers wanted to keep an element of fun with these characters and it goes over quite well for most of the story. From the Mario inspired PePe to the butt kicking Lucy, and there’s even a silent ninja named Shogun. And what’s NOT to like about a ninja? Not only that, but there’s several plot twists along the way that keep you on your toes and add a few layers to the one antagonist who was a little thin on substance in the beginning and a bit too cliché for my tastes at times.

Paul Green maintains some pretty slick visuals that keep up with the pacing of the story when it needs to. He’s got a very animated style that gives you the feeling that you should be watching this instead of reading it at times. Sometimes the action scenes are a bit confusing because there’s just so much to see as he doesn’t skimp on the detail whether it’s the cityscape or the characters themselves. The final battle that takes place is just pretty brutal and looks so good that you’d want it to go on for a while longer after it’s all over. Just as good as Green handles the action he also does well when the characters are sitting around talking or when the bad guys are being creepy. I’ll also admit that as much as Macintosh didn’t impress me, he is one cool looking evil businessman.

Overrun juggles several genres and at no time does it drop the ball. From the many references it does make to our real world and video game and computer culture at no point does it get annoying. Ewington and Woodley let the story speak for itself and it’s one that keeps you locked in from start to finish.

You can now get Overrun from in the UK &  in the US.  

UK Limited to only 150 sets only across both versions
If digital is more your thing then you can get Overrun from their main site!

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