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November 13, 2015

Dark Horse Reviews: Mystery Girl #1

mysterygirlcoverMystery Girl #1
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Alberto Albuquerque & Marissa Louise
Cover: Alberto Albuquerque & Marissa Louise

Mystery Girl had me at it’s premise of a woman who can solve any mystery she’s asked, except her own. It also didn’t hurt that the creative team is pretty talented as well. So after reading the preview it was pretty much a no brainer to go all in to see how they would pull off this concept which they do so there’s your spoler right there.

We meet Trine Hempstead as she’s getting ready to set up shop in her usual spot on the sidewalk and begin her street detective duties. Think of a private investigator without an office and who doesn’t have to go searching for clues. Tobin pretty much takes us through a normal day for her which allows us to get a look at how her abilities work. The types of cases vary in emotional weight and significance but one thing is clear and that’s Trine already knows the answer. Now, this type of efficiency could have become repetitive and stale but the cast of secondary characters and world building here is pulled off excellently by Tobin. The various relationships Trine has are explored to some degree here as we see that she did have a mentor and what appears to be a complicated romantic relationship.

Trine is a mystery herself and Tobin allows us to see that even she is bothered by this and along with the reader she wants to know more. Now, things do get slightly darker during a murder involving a pretty sadistic hit man and his target. This ties in later to our protagonist but Tobin isn’t revealing too much in the first issue. But pack your bags because we’re leaving London and headed to Siberia!

Alberto Albuquerque is rather new to me but all I can say is that he can tell one great visual story. The strongest character sequence had to be the woman who is letting Trine know her information was correct about her lost husband. It was a very emotional moment which Albuquerque nails in every panel. The characters themselves have a slightly animated look but it’s not too exaggerated to where you’re pulled out of the real world setting of the story. It’s all brought together by Marissa Louise’s colors which gives some more weight to the expressive characters in the world of Mystery Girl. I’ll also add that their cover to this issue is just fantastic! Trine’s body language and the expression on her face as she pops her gum is completely unbothered as all of these weapons are being pointed at her. It’s a great look into the confidence and character of this woman.

There’s plenty of  promise and potential here and it looks as if things are going to get quite dangerous soon. So when you want to get away from the capes and tights crowd I’d highly suggest Mystery Girl as your next read when it hits shelves on December 2nd!.


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