October 30, 2015

PR: ‘Kill La Kill’ Vol 1 From Udon Entertainment!

Kill La Kill Vol 1  Manga In Stores Now!

Toronto, ON – OCT 30, 2015 – Adapting the smash hit anime series from Studio Trigger, the first volume of the KILL LA KILL manga is in stores now! Featuring non-stop battle action, dynamic character designs, and a generous helping of fanservice, KILL LA KILL Volume 1 will leave you both exhausted and clamoring for more!

The story – Welcome to Honnouji Academy, a school ruled under the iron fist of the Student Council President and her underlings, the Elite Four. Bestowed with incredible powers from their special Goku Uniforms, only one person dares to stand against them – transfer student Ryuki Matoi! Wielding her fabric-slicing Scissor Blade, Ryuki aims to bring Honnouji Academy’s fascist overlords to their knees!

OTAKU USA Magazine says “Kill la Kill is outrageous… a great spin off of the anime.”  RECOMMENDED!


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  1. Tried to watch this and turned it off early on. Not my thing.

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