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October 13, 2015

Gotta Have It!: Venom Symbol Pullover Hoodie

With fall upon us, what better time than now to find yourself a new favorite comfy hoodie to keep you toasty on those chilly evening walks? Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you find something stylish that expresses your individuality as well as make you feel as invincible as your favorite Superhero. Well, look no further than SuperHeroStuff.com and their awesome Venom Symbol Pullover Hoodie.

I ordered myself one of these bad boys because I am a big fan of pullover hoodies, especially ones that feature anything to do with my favorite fictional web-slinger.

The product arrived promptly and well packaged. The hoodie itself is made by Mad Engine, Inc. a licensed apparel wholesaler based out of San Diego, California. The material is an 80% cotton/20% polyester blend which makes it as durable as it is comfortable.


The hoodie is a little on the thick side right out of the package, but one can probably expect it to thin out a little after a couple of washes which will allow the fabric to drape a little more naturally and provide that much more comfort. The stitching looks solid and robust, especially around the kangaroo pouch pocket that you typically find on this type of sweater.

gthi_symbiote_hoodie_04Let’s take a minute to talk about this apparel’s center piece and focus, the Symbiote Spider-Man’s chest emblem. I was surprised at the absolutely stunning contrast between the printed emblem and the pure black of the sweater’s fabric. The spider symbol really pops on this piece of clothing. I’m not exactly sure what process or material was used for it (I assume some form of screen printing), but it’s a thick rubbery texture that looks like it will withstand a good number of washes and remain malleable without cracking. Only time will tell for sure though.


If I have to voice any complaints about the hoodie, I would say that the hood portion could have been made from a slightly thinner material than the rest of the sweater as it tends to bunch awkwardly at the neck line when not resting over the wearer’s head. One other complaint would be that the spider symbol is only printed on the front and not repeated on the back. Having the front and back match would have added a higher level of authenticity and a welcomed attention to design detail.

All in all though, I really couldn’t be happier with this sweater. This makes it my fourth Spider-Man themed hoodie and if I can get as much wear out of this one as I’m getting out of my other ones, I’ll continue to be one happy Spider-Fan.


Get yours from SuperHeroStuff.com today!

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Dan “SpidermanGeek” Briand
email: spidermangeek@comicattack.net
Twitter: @SpidermanGeek



  1. Looks good but I’d really want a Spidey 2099 one lol

  2. klue

    Wish this was the one with the tongue

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