September 29, 2015

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 09/23/15

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Written by: Arnab
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grayson 12Grayson #12
Writers: Tim Seeley and Tom King
Artists: Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox
Cover Artists: Mikel Janin and Jeremy Cox
Publisher: DC

Bruce Wayne may have always been the leader of the Bat-fam, but Dick Grayson has always been the heart. After months of being presumed dead by his family, Dick returns to Gotham hoping to leave the spy world behind. Unfortunately, leaving that world behind isn’t something that is done lightly and that is where everything changes. Tim Seeley and Tom King have done and continue do a brilliant job on this series. Their depiction of Dick in the past has been perfect and the way they write his interactions in this issue is just fantastic. With each paring, we’re given a range of emotions, from being hurt and betrayed, to feeling angry, and even joy, Seeley and King don’t hold back when it comes to Dick’s return. Mikel Janin’s art, with Jeromy Cox on colors, really stands out in scenes such as these. Their art really sets the mood and tone of the story and Janin does a tremendous job depicting the range of emotions, while also capturing the flow of movement that is synonymous with Dick.

The issue has a slightly reminiscent feel to when Bruce visited the family back when he was starting Batman Incorporated, and in a way this is a continuation of that. If that last page is indicative of anything, this is clearly the turning point of this series and nothing will ever be the same again. Grayson on his own is a formidable foe, but the Bat-fam together? That is a force to be reckoned with. 5/5

we are robin 4We Are Robin #4
Writer: Lee Bermejo
Artists: James Harvey
Cover Artists: Lee Bermejo
Publisher: DC

This issue is exactly what this series was in need of. The first three issues of this series were well written, fun to read, filled with energy, however it really lacked emotional depth. There were just too many characters and not nearly enough time to get to know them all. This issue goes a completely different route, focusing almost entirely on Riko Sheriden, and it is fantastic. Not only do we get the character development and emotional connection that was lacking in the earlier issues, but we also get more of the strong youthful vibe that this series has been demonstrating from the beginning. Like with other series’ such as Batgirl and Teen Titans, this book’s utilization of social media in its storytelling has been done remarkably well in the past, and is especially well utilized in this issue. James Harvey does an excellent job on art duties. His art style, which might take a couple pages to get used, ends up being a perfect match to the story. Couple that with the Lord of the Flies Parallels and you’ve got a tremendously unique comic book that really helps ground this series. 4.5/5

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