September 25, 2015

Long Beach Comic Con 2015

Another Long Beach Comic Con has come and gone but this has to be the biggest one yet! Lines out the door wrapping around itself, going on for hours just to get your tickets! Inside it was packed to the brim with amazing cosplay and all sorts of wonderful art pieces. I was lucky enough to get to go and take some pictures of the event and able to share them with you, so without further ado, here they are!


Look at that line!

This Highlights magazine is too easy.

I’m seeing double!

Nice Splash Cosplay

That dress is gonna get huge at level 20

Reyes for the kids and Choo for the older crowd

You a fan of Robbie Reyes or Peepo Choo?

Not pictured, Mabel cosplayer's reaction upon meeting Bill Cypher cosplayer for the first time

There was quite a bit Gravity Falls cosplay and that’s GREAT

If you look closely at the very back, you'll see me taking this photo. For eternity. Forever

Crowds like this all over the place!

Good soldier

Always glad to see Carrie Kelley

For real, great cosplay

Finally, a Vision I think is the coolest

Captain Cold, Murmur, Heatwave, Trickster !!, and Weather Wizard

Flash’s Rogues Gallery was present and photogenic

They say if you die on The Haunted Mansion you die in real life.

Taking a break from work at Disneyland we got some ghosts!

Hope you liked a look at Long Beach Comic Con 2015! They had big name guests like John Barrowman and Chloe Bennet. Sadly, I couldn’t get anywhere near them but I did hear the fans did so that’s good to hear. There were all sorts of neat cosplays that I didn’t even get to take a shot of. Long Beach Comic Con has been a very fun con over the years and I’m glad to see it growing in size and popularity. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Dr. Bustos



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