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September 20, 2015

Character Spotlight: Aquagirl

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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The oceans of Earth make up 71% of its surface. There’s a lot of crime going on both above and below those briny depths. No one, whether or an Aquaman or Aqualad, can do it alone, sometime you need an Aquagirl. Over the years we’ve had several women carry that mantle and it’s about time we give them time to shine. So who are these Aquagirls and what do they do under the sea? Let’s find out!


Lisa Morel

An Atlantean outcast due to being born with the inability to truly live underwater, Lisa, along with others like her, would be sent to the surface world to survive. Lisa would be find and adopted by the Morel family. She would learn that Aquaman’s life was threatened, this seemed to grant her temporary Atlantean abilities so she may protect her former king. Making a costume just like Aquaman’s, she would take on the name Aquagirl and fight alongside Aquaman. Sadly, this was the end of her powers once the threat was over. Lisa would revert to a normal surface dweller and continue to live her life among humans.

Aquagirl Selena_Earth-One


A young Atlantean from the capitol city, Poseidonis, Selena took the name Aqua-Girl and sidekicked for Aquaman as a way to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. She would not only succeed at this and working with Aquaman, she’d even make Aqualad jealous with her cool new role. This was only for her own fun in it all and once she’d succeeded at what she set out to do, step down as Aqua-Girl, maybe she’ll return if she feels the need to have a go at heroics again.

Aquagirl Tula_0003


When she loses her parents, young Tula is adopted by an Atlantean royal family and raised in many of Atlantis’ traditions. She would remain separate from the rest of the Atlantean people until meeting Garth, Aqualad. The two would fall for one another and decide that they want to be where the people are. Heading to the surface, they soon join up with the original Teen Titans and go on many adventures.

When Mera, Queen of Atlantis, goes missing Aquaman goes on the hunt for her. While he leaves his throne empty, the villainous Narkran takes over as ruthless dictator of Atlantis. Tula leads a rebellion against him and succeeds in overthrowing Narkran and helping rebuild and maintain Atlantis until Aquaman and Mera can return.

Though she preferred it better down where it’s wetter Tula would aide Garth and the other Titans in taking on The Hive and finally putting a stop to them. While battling during the Crisis of Infinite Earths, Tula would be killed by the poisonous waters that the villain Chemo would create.

Death would not be the end for Tula, unfortunately, not in the way many heroes get to continue on after death. She’d be used by a doppelganger to trick her former Titan teammates so that the evil Slizzath could attempt to siphon power from Garth. She would be brought back along with other dead Titans to fight the current team by Brother Blood. Finally, during the Blackest Night, she would become a Black Lantern and kill Garth.

In the New 52, Tula is an Atlantean reporter who covers the royalty beat and learns about Garth and the rumors that he is destined to destroy Atlantis. She is also half-sister to Orm, the Ocean Master.


Lorena Marquez

While on a date at the San Diego Zoo, Lorena Marquez’s world was turned upside as an earthquake hit the city so hard it sank it into the ocean. Many died in this catastrophe, including Lorena’s parents. Aquaman would rescue Lorena but the two would soon learn that she, and other survivors had adapted to being able to survive the depths of the ocean. They would rebuild a new underwater Sub Diego. Lorena would work with Aquaman and eventually on her own as Aquagirl and mostly be Sub Diego’s protector.

She would join the Teen Titans for a short period of time and often spend it fighting with teammate Hawk. When Natasha Irons is kidnapped, Lorena would team up with Steel to fight Lexcorp to rescue her. After the death of Aquaman’s son, Lorena would travel to Poseidonis to mourn with her friend and mentor. Returning to Sub Diego with the other aquatic heroes, she would remain as Sub Diego’s protector.

There you have it folks! That’s just some of the main continuity Aquagirls, that’s not including possible futures and other dimensions such as TV. She’s a popular concept and one who should always show up in Aquaman’s stories. See you next time!

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