September 10, 2015

‘Jessica Jones’ Release Date and Teaser Trailer!

Get ready to mark your calendars because Jessica Jones now has a released date of November 20th, 2015!

The former super hero is now a detective in Hell’s Kitchen (Daredevil crossover anyone?) and is handling those cases that involve “special abilities”.

Jessica will be going up against her nemesis, The Purple Man, who will be played by David Tennant but she’ll have some help along he way. Patricia “Trish” Walker, known as Hellcat in the comics, will be played by Rachael Taylor and we’ll also get to see Luke Cage. He’ll be played by Mike Colter and will eventually headline his own Netflix series later next year. Now all we have to do is be patient for the Iron Fist series to come out. Easier said than done.

All of these solo series will lead up to the highly anticipated Defenders! Hopefullly if these keep being successful that might mean more ground level heroes and villains showing up on Netflix!


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