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September 3, 2015

IDW Reviews: Jem and the Holograms #6

jem6Jem and the Holograms #6
Publisher: IDW 
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Sophie Campbell & M. Victoria Robado
Cover: Sophie Campbell

This series has been full of surprises so far and Kelly Thompson doesn’t disappoint as we get some character depth that was unexpected. With both bands in the hot seat for last issue’s food fight fiasco only Jem and the Holograms are being penalized for it. It’s during this sequence that Thompson reveals some things about Pizzazz that might just change how some see her. She wants to destroy Jem and her group but in a way that proves who the better band is. Not by attempted murder which she chastises Clash for later on. She’s very upset when she finds out her competition is ejected because it’s already been stated that the other bands at the battle aren’t as good. She wants to humiliate the Holograms on stage, in front of everyone, by showing that the Misfits are the superior band. Things get just as tense when each group finds out about the relationship between Kimber and Stormer. A Misfit dating a Hologram just has scandal written all over it but Thompson does an excellent job showing the interpersonal relationships of the groups by their different reactions to the news.

As always we’re treated to some of the best visuals in comics from Sophie Campbell. The page where the bands are covered from head to toe and standing before the board is just hilarious. You really do see that Jetta and Roxy got the worst of it during the food fight. Campbell also manages to pull all of the right emotion out of Thompson’s script either with huge expressive moments or just the subtle panels that are more character driven. A huge round of applause also goes to Victoria Robado’s coloring which keeps things looking great. From the every day fashion to extreme stage make up and outfits the bands wear she makes it come alive. The same can also be said with the way she and Campbell illustrate the music and gives it it’s own personality depending on the band playing the song.

This has been a great ride so far and it’s impressive with how Thompson has actually made Jem and the Holograms a little better along the way. When you add in Campbell and Robado’s visual touch you’ve got the perfect combo of a good story and art that is worth the money every single issue. What this creative team has done is truly outrageous so grab a copy and see for yourself.

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