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September 2, 2015

Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra Return With ‘Colder: Toss The Bones”!

Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra are back with their critically acclaimed horror series in Colder: Toss The Bones! You would think they’ve put Declan through enough in Colder and in Colder: The Bad Seed but it looks as if they’re not done with him yet and though it may be bad news for him it’s good news for us!

Colder: Toss The Bones #1
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Paul Tobin
Aritst: Juan Ferreyra
Colorist: Jonathan Case

Declan has gone from a mere human to a reluctant hero—all while the subject of the horrific machinations of the monstrous creature Nimble Jack. But our hero’s trials have only begun, as Jack flits freely between Boston and a deranged and dark reality known as the Hungry World, uniting agents of madness with only one purpose: to slaughter and consume Declan!

colderp1 colderp2 colderp3 colderp4 colderp6 colderp7 coldercover

Colder: Toss The Bones #1 will be on sale September 30th!


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