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August 19, 2015

Gotta Have It!: Wonder Woman Hero Box from SuperHeroStuff.com

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Written by: Kristin
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SuperHeroStuff.com has launched a really cool version of the geek mystery box, similar to Loot Crate, Infinity Crate, Hero Crate, etc. The all important difference is (aside from not being a subscribed service) that you can pick your own theme. Currently you can pick from Batman, Deadpool, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing and Robin, Spider-Man, The Flash, Star Wars, and Green Lantern (I’ll cross my fingers for Poison Ivy, but she likely doesn’t have enough merch to make it worthwhile, sadly). These Hero Box sets cost $49 and come with a $70+ value inside. You pick the theme, you pick the targeted gender (mostly for the t-shirt style, so if you’re a lady but want a standard t-shirt and not slim/baby doll, you’ll want to order the “male” box), and you pick your shirt size. The team at SHS will build your box, so you won’t know what you’ll be getting, other than the theme you chose.

Typically there are the standard themed boxes (listed above), plus a unique, monthly limited box. Past themes have included: Size Matters Not (featuring heroes of small stature like Ant-Man, Yoda, Rocket Raccoon, etc.); Secret Wars (items related to Marvel’s Secret Wars event, including an exclusive Secret Wars #1 variant cover by Khoi Pham); and Billionaire Fight Club (featuring items related to rich heroes like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, and Oliver Queen). These limited boxes go on sale at the beginning of each month, and are available until they sell out (around 500 boxes), then they all ship at the end of the month. If you’re a fan of one particular set theme, but worried about getting repeat items, you’ll want to wait a few months in between. They will update with different products, and there’s usually an announcement, so keep an eye out!

SHS was lovely enough to send a Wonder Woman themed box my way, and I have to say, I’m very pleased with what was inside!


The box arrives! It took about a week (it shipped on a Friday and arrived the following Thursday). Let’s see what’s inside!

SHSWonderWoman_002Oooooh. Everything was carefully packaged and supported with bubble wrap.


Up first, a DC Bombshells Wonder Woman glass! (Wonder Woman Bombshell Pint Glass.) Hand-wash only, please. I’m a big fan of the DC Bombshells stuff, so I’m thrilled to have this. These are very good quality glasses.


Aaaah super cute plate! (Wonder Woman Party Plate.) Not microwave safe. It says it’s dishwasher safe, but when I hand washed it the first time in hot water:

SHSWonderWoman_032The coating immediately started to pucker. I’d stick with hand washing (the dip bowl didn’t pucker at all, though).


It makes an excellent snack plate. Also good for chips and dip. Fruit and cream cheese. Might be a fun way to get a little one to eat a meal!


T-shirt! Along with one of the two buttons that came in the package (the other was stuck to the back of a magnet). (Wonder Woman Kawaii Button.)


Oh hey, who’s that? It’s me in my new shirt! I wore it out into Dallas that day and got several compliments, so I’d say it’s a success. The pattern fits really well, with the bottom half lining up the way a corset might. Couple words of warning about the shirt, though. Ladies, order a size (or maybe two) up. This is a large, and for a girl style/baby doll cut is usually plenty big enough for me, but this one is a tight fit (but otherwise comfortable), and if it shrinks at all in the wash I’m worried it won’t fit anymore. (It’s the Wonder Woman Symbol Women’s Costume t-shirt.) Speaking of washing it, it’s going to bleed. I got some deodorant on it and cleaned it off with a damp paper towel, and it turned the paper towel pink. So make sure, at least the first time, you either hand wash it or wash it separately.


Augh, there’s still more in there? Awesome!

SHSWonderWoman_017The item on top is a Wonder Woman journal. Perfect for scribbling “I <3 Bruce” over and over in. (Wonder Woman Costume Journal.)

SHSWonderWoman_022More stuff! A rubber Wonder Woman bracelet, the second button, and a nifty magnet that already has a place on my fridge.

(Wonder Woman Midair Button. Wonder Woman Magnet Twirl. I can’t find a link for the wristband, so it may be sold out.)

SHSWonderWoman_024It also came with a comic book, 15% off coupon, and a list of all the items included in the package (including their retail pricing so you can check on the value you received; according to the list, my box came in just under $80 which is a fantastic value, plus I love everything that came with it!).


I’m super happy with the box’s contents. Drink ware! Clothing! Useful items! Of all of the themed mystery boxes out there, I’d say these Hero Boxes are one of the best available. Great for fans, great as a gift! Other boxes shipped out have included key chains, socks, hats, decals, lanyards, belts, tote bags, and more. It’s a good sampling of SHS products, plus a coupon so you can go back for more – mine’s good into January 2016 which gives me plenty of time to make use of it – although you can’t use it on a Hero Box. Just $49 will get you an excellent box of swag, so head over to SHS.com and pick your favorite!





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