August 6, 2015

‘Legend of the Mantamaji’ Live Action Short!

Legend of the Mantamaji is a graphic novel series from the mind of Eric Dean Seaton! The live action short here is based on that series and features the mystical warrior going up against the criminals knows as The New World Knights. They’re amassing an arsenal of illegal weapons to help further their plans but they’ll soon find out those plans are about to go awry in a blur of blue and gold. He’s outnumbered and outgunned but unfazed by the odds!

Elija Alexander is an Assistant District Attourney who has recently discovered he is the last of the Mantamaji, a warrior race that once protected the Earth. With this new role thrust on him, Elijah now has to make some hard choices. His life is now in a new realm of danger and magic that don’t fit too well with his aspirations and personal goals.

For more about Legend of the Mantamaji and it’s creator click here!


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