June 9, 2015

Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ gets it’s Punisher in Season 2!


Bernthal taking aim as ‘Shane’ in The Walking Dead

If you were wondering why the new logo for Marvel’s Daredevil is bullet ridden then wonder no more! Marvel has just announced that Jon Bernthal, who played Shane on The Walking Dead, will be adding to the high body count in Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2 as Frank Castle aka The Punisher! Marvel didn’t get into specifics regarding Punisher’s role but it does look like his “mission” is centralized to Hell’s Kitchen.

“Bernthal will portray The Punisher, one of Marvel’s most popular characters. He is a vigilante who aims to clean up New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen by any means necessary, no matter how lethal the results.”

In comics the two have had very violent meetings with each other before either deciding to work together or to just stay out of each other’s way. So if what we got in terms of action in the first season is any indication then we can expect some pretty bloody episodes with these two characters.

Ever since the character rights returned to Marvel, Punisher is one of the characters that fans were hoping to see show up again in live action. Though it’s not a solo series it’ll be just as exciting to see him alongside Daredevil in 2016! Now, all Marvel has to do is cast a good Elektra and everything will be complete!


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  1. I remember there being talk of making a Punisher show where he was a Cop by day and vigilante by night.
    I hope hope hope they don’t do that in this season.
    I also hope they stay away from the alcoholic douche-bag portrayal Tom Jane gave us in the ’04 Punisher and it’s odd follow-up ‘Dirty Laundry’ that seems so popular among “fans” who clearly don’t get the character.

    • I wasn’t a Thomas Jane Punisher fan either and couldn’t understand why people were falling all over themselves to praise that movie.
      And the cop by day/vigilante by night premise is just stupid lol I hope they stay very far from that one.

  2. Give me a combination of the psychotic snarky yet brooding self-loathing Punisher from Lundgren’s ’89 movie and the rage-fueled killing machine from Stevenson’s ‘War Zone’ movie. And I’ll be happy.

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