May 27, 2015

Valiant Reviews: Divinity #4

Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Trevor Hairsine
Cover: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

Matt Kindt brings the critically acclaimed Divinity to a close in this action packed and emotionally charged issue. Leaving Earth a man and returning as something else entirely has made Russian cosmonaut, Abram Adams, a target. He wields the powers of a god now and without knowledge of what his intentions are, the Unity squad has been dispatched to deal with the potential threat. However, there are those that Divinity has helped and they would lay down their lives for him which complicates the team’s mission even further.

Sometimes when you introduce the better known characters in a story where you’re establishing someone new there is a risk of overshadowing the new character. Kindt balances things between the two here quite nicely and makes sure to bring everything right back to Divinity. As the story progresses Kindt does some wonderful things here that put much of the actions of the Unity team into question. Though he makes it evident that not all members agree with attacking Divinity, this moral grey area adds another level to the story. He hasn’t really done anything that can be viewed as “evil” but the team really can’t debate this while Divinity’s followers decide to attack members of Unity. We also see that Divinity has brought his wife and daughter back who have long since passed away. It’s a moment that Kindt uses to not only give us a glimpse of their life during the decades long mission but to see that Abram needs some closure just like any other person would. It’s an emotional sequence that doesn’t go as planned for Abram but it does cast him in a way that again makes you question the actions of Unity. Which hopefully is addressed in their own comic because this isn’t the first time that there has been a disagreement about mission parameters.

Hairsine’s artwork continues to impress and maintain the great storytelling that started in the first issue. Most impressive have been the character driven scenes that are just full of detail and emotion. They’ve enhanced the narrative a great deal while moving things along at a fluid pace and made even better by David Baron’s colors and Ryan Winn’s inks.

Whether new to the Valiant universe or not, this series is a great jumping on point because not only is Divinity a brand new character but he will have a great impact as things develop further. There’s also a cover tease letting us know that Divinity will be showing up in Imperium and another self titled series later on this year. So make sure you’re caught up and ready for what’s next because there’s something huge coming on the horizon and Divinity looks to be it!

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