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May 20, 2015

‘The Flash’: Fast Enough S1 Finale Review

Before we even get started just know that there will be some spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t seen the episode yet and want to be surprised then here’s your chance to turn back….

or you can take THIS chance to turn back….

Still here? Okay, let’s get started!

How do you end the first season of one of, if not THE best comic book based television show currently on the air? Well, if you watched The Flash season finale then you already know how! Everything from the first episode has led to this moment in Barry Allen’s life and surrounded by family and friends he has to make the toughest choice in his life so far. Whether or not to go back in time and save his mother and at the same time allowing Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash to return to his own time. When the solution to what Barry wants most in the world comes from his worst enemy he’s going to be skeptical. When it also involves erasing his current life by altering the timeline then the monumental weight on Barry’s shoulders has just increased one hundred fold. And that’s not even the bad news. So this episode is all about choices and hopefully you brought your box of tissue because this one’s a tear jerker as well.


Usually a finale involving super powered beings would involve fights and massive property destruction. However, this episode’s main conflicts are on an emotional level and with every actor bringing their A-game it lends to some of the most impressive moments in the show. From the moment Barry starts interrogating the imprisoned Wells/Thawne you just know that this episode is going to be different. As Thawne explains to Barry his seething hatred for him and the irony that he had to “create” The Flash in order for him (Thawne) to return back to his own time you realize that he’s the creator of his own nemesis. Though he also lets Barry know that he has come to admire him after spending all of this time working alongside and helping him reach his potential. Something that Thawne was not expecting to happen.

Professor Stein and Ronnie have announced that they are staying after helping stop Reverse Flash in the last episode. This allows Stein to fill that older mentor role that Wells once held. The transition is basically seamless and makes perfect sense when you realize he’s the smartest guy in the room that is actually on the side of good.

From here we spend our time with Barry attempting to make a decision as the episode begins to kick you square in the feelings over and over again. When Barry visits his dad in jail, his words of encouragement nail the perfect father and son moment. It’s a scene that you really hits you and then you get to the Barry and Joe talk only to be reminded again of how great their character development and chemistry is. Grant Gustin and Jessie L. Martin are in tears at the end of this scene and I’m sure some of you viewers were as well. The father/son dynamic between these guys is a cornerstone of the show and the payoff here is wonderful. When you’re finished recovering from these moments just know that Barry’s meeting with his mother is pretty much the most heartbreaking moment on TV that will happen in a finale this week.

There is plenty of drama in this episode but there’s also fan service galore throughout! From Cisco finding that he was affected by the particle accelerator explosion to the glimpses of alternate time lines while Barry is in the Speed Force. We get a look at the Flash Museum, Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost, and even the Rip Hunter name drop alluding to the Legends of Tomorrow. But I’m sure the one that got the largest and probably the loudest response from the fans is seeing Jay Garrick’s (DC’s original Flash) helmet shoot across the floor out of the wormhole. The last time it showed up was in an episode of Smallville oh so long ago but the possibility of actually seeing Jay in the flesh is a lot higher on this show. Also it was obvious after seeing the helmet that Reverse Flash wanted no parts of possibly running into Jay and speeded up (pun intended) his exit. And if you were waiting for Eddie to become the bad guy and kick start the Thawne name into villainy you’re going to be either disappointed or very proud of him in this episode. Though he may have had the largest impact on the show than anyone because of his actions.


For a show that wasn’t on the top of my list, The Flash has impressed and done great work in setting itself apart from the other comic book shows that are on. Sure it became a little formulaic with it’s villain-of-the-week approach but even that didn’t stop the great moments from rising to the top. And whatever your opinions are regarding the Barry/Iris relationship (a very hot topic on social media) it made for some really good TV at times because it kept you talking about it. Throw in the mystery that surrounded the Reverse Flash and even the Arrow crossovers which helped to make this damn near perfect when it comes to providing some great geek moments for the comics fans. On top of that we’ve also seen some jaw dropping special effects that brought Grodd to life, various powers applications, and even Barry’s lightening and blur trails.

Overall this finale did everything right and blew the doors off of expectations! So, what would you like to see next for the Scarlet Speedster? We last see him charging fearlessly into a black hole to save the planet and with everything that was shown in the Speed Force we can all admit that it’s going to be one very long wait until season 2 starts in October!


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