May 17, 2015

Image Reviews: Wayward #7

Wayward_07-1Wayward #7
Publisher: Image
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Steve Cummings & Tamra Bonvillain
Cover: Steve Cummings & Tamra Bonvillain

Wayward has been a pretty impressive series so far and is showing no signs of faltering in either it’s narrative or visual storytelling. This issue explores Emi’s abilities further as she’s trying to make sense of it everything.  Not only has she discovered what she can do but that there are others like her and when you spend the days fighting other supernatural creatures it can be a little weird. So it’s a good thing that Ayane is there to help along with the adjustment period. The evil that has been running rampant has also taken notice of the emergence of these gifted young people and decide to pool their resources. However, not everyone wants to play nice and that point is illustrated quite clearly.

Fantasy is one of the best genres out there and one that Zub has done a fantastic job in over the years. So it’s no surprise that Wayward has been consistently good. It also doesn’t hurt that he works with some of the top artists in the industry to give his narrative life. This issue has some key character development and it’s nice to get into Emi’s head to get a better feel for the character. We see that at home and school she doesn’t seem to matter or even exist to some people but with her newfound group she’s needed and is able to cut loose. Sure we’ve seen this before but it’s nice to actually care because the writer has begun to flesh out the character. Zub also makes every assurance to keep the reader comfortable even though this is seeped in Japanese mythology and culture. The sequence between Ayane and Emi’s private Obon is one of the strongest scenes which also leads into a very welcome cliffhanger.

Cummings and Bonvillain have done excellent work in this series that has had fine attention to detail in both scenery are characters that transports you to Japan. The character and creature designs are both well done and there’s a nice balance of the fantasy elements that are mixed with the real world. Though the real visual treat of the issue is what happens to Azuma and the cliffhanger which was able to elicit a resounding “Hell yeah!” after seeing it!

Now, this issue isn’t a perfect jumping on point but you do get to meet a new character and you won’t be too lost here. However, you should know that it has looked and read this well since the first issue and it wouldn’t hurt if you picked up the first volume either. If you’re into fantasy and have a desire to venture out for something new then pick up Wayward and have some fun!


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