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May 16, 2015

Dark Horse Reviews: Lady Killer #5

LK5Lady Killer #5 (of 5)
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer(s): Joëlle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
Artist: Joëlle Jones & Laura Allred
Cover: Joëlle Jones & Laura Allred

After gaining Ruby’s trust and enlisting the aid of Reinhardt, Josie is ready to make her move against Peck and Stenholm at the World’s Fair in Seattle. So with the two ladies disguised as hostesses they make their way through the crowd and after letting herself be spotted the chase is now on. However, Josie runs into a bit of an issue as her family has decided to show up at the Fair and surprise her. That includes her mistrusting and ever watchful mother-in-law who makes a shocking discovery. Without giving too much away lets just say the next few moments are bloody, intense, and just plain fun!

The creative team ends this volume of Lady Killer with just as much excitement and quality storytelling as when it began. So if you were concerned that the ending just might not hold up then go ahead and put those worries to rest right now. There are too many good moments in this issue that just show how well Jones and Rich have built things up to this point. From the character revelations to the dialogue you can’t go wrong with this issue. Even the naivety of Josie’s husband is handled well enough that it’s not annoying that he’s oblivious to much of what’s going on. But you can also take into account the time period this story takes place in and men’s views about women. Even the good ones.

Nothing has changed in regards to the visuals from Jones and Allred which means you should already be prepared to have your mind blown by their work. Seriously, be prepared, because they saved some of the best fight scenes for this issue and you’ll want to look at them again and again. It’s also safe to say that some of the best action sequences take place in cramped hallways as Josie goes up against Peck’s men in bloody fashion. The confrontation between Ruby and Peck is heightened with the color shift and Allred’s work really puts that scene over the top. Jones also gives us a sense of the type of man Reindhart is after we see the results of his work. Brutal doesn’t begin to describe it but it’s a great looking panel.

From the strength of the storytelling to the visual parts of the book we’ve been given some of this creative team’s best work. So it’s also nice to know that we will be seeing more of these characters in future stories.  Lady Killer #5 would easily receive five knives! Which is coincidently the same number that one of the characters had shoved in them. So if you can still find them go and pick these issues or you can wait for the trade to come out. Either way you’ll be impressed with Lady Killer!


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