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December 13, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum Sequel Announced! UPDATE


UPDATE: You can see the Arkham Asylum sequel teaser trailer here!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that they will be publishing the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum that is currently in development by Arkam Asylum developers, Rocksteady Studios.

“We are thrilled to build a global game franchise from Batman: Arkham Asylum, which is receiving an incredible response from gamers and Batman fans around the world,” said Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Rocksteady has taken Batman to a new level in the video game space and we are committed to delivering a sequel the fans will love.”

“Getting the opportunity to create Batman: Arkham Asylum and seeing its success has been a dream come true for the team,” said Sefton Hill, Game Director, Rocksteady Studios. “We are honored to create the next chapter in this compelling story and promise to deliver another game worthy of the Dark Knight.”

A minute long teaser trailer was shown at last night’s Spike TV Video Game Awards. gives a description of the trailer.

“The spot, which was greeted by a hearty round of applause from the audience, starts with a camera panning through crime-ridden city streets and then inside a building with a twisted carnival or fun house atmosphere. The Joker’s blood-chilling cackle is heard as the camera pans up on to the second floor and a man sitting in a large leather chair watching the city erupt in flames outside his window. The distinctive silhouette of the Joker’s right-hand woman Harley Quinn leans over to give him a peck on the cheek as the camera circles the room to show the wiry madman gleefully insane as ever, but battered and in the middle of receiving a blood transfusion.

As the Joker collects himself, the Dark Knight’s iconic bat-symbol shows up on screen and begins to crack and crumble. The logos for WB Games, DC Comics, and Rocksteady flash on the screen, suggesting the studio behind the original hit is once again handling development duties. However, the lack of an Eidos or Square Enix logo indicates that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment may be publishing it directly.”

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So did anyone else just cream their pants, or was it just me? Now the waiting game for more details to be released begins. Will this game take us outside of Arkham Asylum onto the streets of Gotham? Will Paul Dini pen the script for the sequel, or is another famous Batman scribe like Grant Morrison or Jeph Loeb attached? Or More importantly, when will the game drop?

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Andrew Hurst



  1. billy

    Great work AW. I really hope “Santa” brings my kids this game for christmas. lol

  2. Infinite Speech

    I’m still playing the first game and having a great time! As long as the sequel is not touched by Loeb I’ll feel a little better lol

  3. AWESOME!!

  4. Infinite Speech

    finally found the trailer! Creepy but no gameplay showed just what looked like an opening cinematic but I can’t wait to have Batman in the streets of Gotham doing what he does best!

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