April 28, 2015

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 04/22/15

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Written by: Arnab
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Convergence #3convergence 3
Writer: Jeff King
Artists: Stephen Segovia, Michael Jason Paz, and Peter Steigerwald
Cover Artists: Stephen Segovia, Michael Jason Paz, and Peter Steigerwald
Publisher: DC

Now that we’re three issues in and sufficiently invested, albeit underwhelmed by just how slow and boring the first two issues were, the series finally starts to pick up the pace and the action. Unlike the first two issues, which stretched out what could have been accomplished in half an issue over two full books, this issue is faster paced and actually progresses the story. The Earth 2 heroes team up with Deimos, battle some robots, get saved by Batman and Grayson, and then make their way into the Skartaris. It is in that lost city where the Time Masters have been trapped, which will probably be important later on in this series. Meanwhile though, the better part of the book takes place above ground. The only interesting parts of this book thus far have been following Batman and Grayson’s story. Jeff King writes their story, their interaction, their dialogue, so much better than the rest of this book. It’s wittier, funnier, and overall way more entertaining to read, which is why what happens is so unfortunate. This book is still struggling and unfortunately it just lost a spark of hope in the shape of one of its characters. 3/5

Convergence New Titans #1convergence new teen titans 1
Marv Wolfman
Nicola Scott, Marc Deering, and Jeromy Cox
Cover Artists:
Nicola Scott, Marc Deering, and Jeromy Cox

These tie-in stories are an interesting beast, especially to those of us who weren’t reading these stories back when they were being published. To put it in real world terms, it’s a bit like meeting a new group of friends who then start to argue right in front of you about things you didn’t even know was happening. The story itself was actually fairly decent, bringing the New Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol together for what appears to be a team-up instead of a showdown, which is a refreshing sight, considering these are all supposed to be heroes. When it comes to the storytelling though, it’s slightly strange the way  these books pick up these long lost plot threads and relationship problems as if a day hasn’t passed. If you had been reading back when the book was published, this probably ended up being a better read, than if this was your first introduction to these versions of these characters. 3/5

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