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April 24, 2015

Archie Comics Reviews: Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina #2

ChiSabrina2Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina #2
Publisher: Archie Horror
Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacsa
Artist: Robert Hack

From the moment the cover opens onto the first page, it is clearly obvious that the second issue of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a 4 out of 4 star horror-thriller, dripping with gorgeous artwork, oozing with amazing writing, and honestly some of best material you will find currently printed in the comics landscape. It’s worth the re-read, worth your money, and most importantly in a world of media where you can find entertainment anywhere across multiple mediums, worth your time to invest in and journey into the dark world of these characters.

The second issue sets up the monster of this tale, Madam Satan. In a fashion that blows one away as much as the early issues of Eerie or perhaps Tales From The Crypt once did, Madam Satan’s origins and her journey back to the mortal world to seek revenge on Edward and Diana are exposed. Once the deed is done in her own fashion (will keep it spoiler free here since it’s part of the fun), she learns of Sabrina’s existence and makes her way to Greendale. Sabrina, like any teenager in 1966, is trying to go about her life as normally as possible despite her family’s history – she’s dating a football star, and auditioning for the school musical. However, Madam Satan finds her, and carefully sets herself up to make the kill.

As mentioned, like some of the best horror books of yesteryear, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina sets up an extremely engrossing journey throughout this issue that’s impossible to put down. Aguirre-Sacsa pens an amazing issue that provides¬†a spine tingling, predatory look into who will be the monster of this arc, Madam Satan. When I read the reprints of the old Archie published World War II superhero issues a few years back, when Archie was giving New Crusaders a push, I thought how great the Madam Satan stories were every time I read them, and wouldn’t it be neat if they did an update and went full out with her? But not in a million years would one imagine this would ever happen at the time, and I am so glad both I and anyone else who thought that has been proven wrong, as Archie’s horror line gives the character the compelling comic she deserves. Best of all, it doesn’t detract away from the title character Sabrina, and in fact Aguirre-Sacsa ties Madam Satan’s new origin perfectly into the Sabrina tale he’s woven. He is also a master of winks and nods, with a slew of much appreciated literary and music references, not distracting but enhancing the book’s charm.

We also have Hack’s incredible art. It is almost incomprehensible how well he has captured the grind house-like grit and horror of this bewitching world set in 1966, but his precise look and layouts enhance every bit of his teammate’s writing, creating this package that makes you go, “Wow, I didn’t know they still made horror comics like this.”¬†Dark Horse has given great contributions in recent years, Afterlife With Archie is its own 500-pound gorilla of horror awesomeness, but what Hack does when he puts his tools to the paper and constructs each page is in a league of its own.

Yes, this is a gushing review, but one that is deservedly so. It’s the kind of book that makes me want to write reviews and tell all my friends at the comic shop to pick up this title.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina issue 2 is out now in print and digital.

Drew McCabe



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