April 15, 2015

Valiant Reviews: Bloodshot Reborn #1

BSRebornBloodshot: Reborn #1
Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Mico Suayan
Cover: Juan Doe

It’s good to pick up a first issue that actually feels like an introduction to a character that anyone can just enjoy. If you haven’t read a Bloodshot comic in a while it doesn’t matter because Lemire gives you a great bare bones recap of recent events. He does this by embedding them into the story itself as Bloodshot is attempting to find his place in the world after the events of The Valiant wrapped up. He’s no longer a puppet of Project Rising Spirit nor does he possess the nanites that granted him various abilities. Bloodshot is now just a regular guy with a violent past that isn’t ready to let him go.

Lemire’s introduction (or reintroduction for some) to Bloodshot visits some familiar places as we see him attempt to numb the pain. It’s all done quite well and with some really good pacing along the way. Lemire has Bloodshot deal with a lot from his recent past and makes it as uncomfortable for the reader as he does the former soldier. We even get to meet a product of his subconscious that really kicks into high gear when a killer similar to Bloodshot is introduced. Lemire perfectly humanizes Bloodshot and his problems in this issue and though it does hit a bump or two it’s a great way to get into the character’s head.

If you were impressed by Suayan’s artwork in the preview then just know that it is superb from beginning to end. The head wound sequence is just disgustingly fun along with the bloodstream layout page. It was just a creative way to emphasize the nanites and a nice visual play on the use of blood. The double page spread is another visual knockout that shows how pathetic our anti hero’s life as become. An interesting visual touch is the Lemire drawn character that hopefully we’ll get to see more of as Bloodshot deals with his issues. David Baron’s colors are just the icing on the cake here and really help make this one of the best looking comics out this week. It’s also nice to see another Valiant title that looks nothing like the others that came before it.

It’s becoming evident that Valiant is intent on delivering quality comics and making sure new readers enjoy their stories as much as you regulars. So give Bloodshot: Reborn a chance as it’s a nice starting point with the perfect sync of a great story and artwork combined!


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