March 28, 2015

Dallas Fan Days 2015: Cosplay Highlights

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Written by: Kristin
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For my write up of the convention experience, you can click this little link right here. Today is all cosplay! The best and most entertaining cosplay I found at DCC Fan Days this February. Thanks for coming back, and I hope you enjoy these costumes as much as I did. There are some amazing cosplayers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and I’m privileged to know many of them personally (and even join them sometimes). They’re a great bunch of very talented people.

FanDaysFeb15_0005 FanDaysFeb15_0011 FanDaysFeb15_0081 FanDaysFeb15_0097

FanDaysFeb15_0235 FanDaysFeb15_0306 FanDaysFeb15_0374 FanDaysFeb15_0403 FanDaysFeb15_0487 FanDaysFeb15_0516 FanDaysFeb15_0527 FanDaysFeb15_0552 FanDaysFeb15_0674 FanDaysFeb15_0719 FanDaysFeb15_0747 FanDaysFeb15_0886 FanDaysFeb15_0910 FanDaysFeb15_1365 FanDaysFeb15_1459 FanDaysFeb15_1470 FanDaysFeb15_1481 FanDaysFeb15_1503 FanDaysFeb15_1528 FanDaysFeb15_1532 FanDaysFeb15_1553 FanDaysFeb15_1732 FanDaysFeb15_1833




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