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March 23, 2015

OSSM Comics ‘The Adventures of Solestar’ – A Comic Attempting To Do More!


OSSM Comics latest project is an ambitious one that’s for a great cause. The Adventures of Solestar will be on sale at and with proceeds going to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. This title also boasts over 150 artists which is a creative choice as each style represents the final moments in Solestar’s life as he attempts to accomplish one more task before he’s gone.

The Adventures of Solestar – Book One: Give More Than You Take, is part 1 of a reverse trilogy of original graphic novels. We start at the end of Isamu Takahashi’s career as Solestar, with him being the last superhero on Earth. With a world full of villains, and him slowly dying due to over a dozen brain aneurysms rupturing one by one, Solestar spends his last day trying to turn at least one of his villains into a hero in hopes that the world will still have a protector after he’s gone.



SoulSTARPage-46 SoulstartPG-47 SoulStarPG48 SoulStarPG49 SoulStarPG50



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