March 8, 2015

Marvel Reviews: Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #10

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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IronFIst10Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #10
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Kaare Andrews
Artist: Kaare Andrews
Cover: Kaare Andrews

Once again Kaare Andrews brings another chi powered issue that continues to show why this has been the series to read since the first issue. He brings his hyper kinetic, kung fu infused, unique art style to this story that has Danny finally getting his abilities returned to him. Though the cost seems high it still might not be enough to stop his “father”. On top of that, Andrews throws a serious wild card into the mix that may be more than anyone can handle, making saving the day that much harder!

By delving deeper into the Iron Fist mythos Andrews has helped to enrich Danny’s character for the better. Andrews has revealed some things about the day Danny became the Iron Fist that really changes how the character and the lineage of the title has been perceived. Not only that, but the villain is a worthy opponent on both the physical and psychological levels and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Danny pushed to his breaking point. It’s been one exciting trial by fire and Andrews has been nothing short of consistent in making sure we get a solid story every issue.

As always the artwork is a furious assault on the eyes that is nothing like what is coming from other Marvel books. Andrews is one of those artists that uses the complete page to tell his story as he builds the tension up until the perfect moment to deliver that impact visual punch. There’s a panel sequence that shows Danny fully charged and all you see is his mask and his body illuminated from within by his chi. It’s a powerful looking series of panels that gives you a hint at how much stronger Danny has become. There’s also a series of double page spreads that would look fantastic connected but it’s the use of color after the nearly all black page that precedes it that gives it an extra kick. When you throw in the very cool new costume (that NEEDS to stay) it’s just one visually engaging story. Let’s not forget this issue also sports another fantastic eye snatching cover to go with the previous nine!

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon is THE perfect series for the martial arts fanatic along with those that really just want to read a cool story. Andrews is writing and drawing one of the best titles Marvel has to offer right now and it’s not full of guest appearances nor crossover tie-ins. Just a focus on making the title character better both visually and in his development. Like it should be!

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