November 16, 2014

Marvel Reviews: Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7

MMUSP7Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Marquez
Cover: David Marquez & Justin Ponsor

Miles Morales is angry and Norman Osborn won’t like him when he’s angry! Especially since he’s suggesting that he knows things about the Morales family that have been kept from young Miles. From here on, it’s a fight to get to the truth and decide the fate of both Parker and Miles as they go up against their shared enemy.

Even with the return of Peter Parker, Bendis leaves no question that this book is still all Miles Morales. He quietly shifts Peter to more of a support role, letting the new Spider-Man cut loose against Osborn. It’s a very brutal fight as Bendis has Miles attack like a force of nature that even has Peter and Maria Hill just staring in awe. There’s plenty of dialogue where Osborn is trying to manipulate the situation, however, Bendis has placed Miles into a position where he’s not listening anymore. By the fight’s end there’s a little bit of closure, but since Osborn dropped several big reveals during the battle, only time will tell when we’ll see those plot threads again. However, there is quite the big reveal in this issue as Bendis finally lets us know why Kate was so emotional after Miles revealed to her he was Spider-Man.

Marqez and Ponsor continue to provide visual excellence from the dynamic and fluid action sequences to the emotional moments towards the end. Marquez has been doing something a little different with his style here, and it has helped give the action a more visceral tone. Marquez also moves action scenes better than most, and makes sure that you’ll have a hard time picking out a favorite in this issue. Though Peter throwing the web shooters to Miles as he leaped into action was a nice one. There was, however, a bit of confusion during a double page spread that interrupts the flow of the story. Maybe it was just me, but aside from that issue Ponsor and Marquez truly shine once again.

This issue seemed like an official torch passing as Miles actually receives the blessing from Peter, which was a very nice touch from Bendis. Overall, it’s another great story from this creative team that has been on fire for some time now. Hopefully what’s coming next will be just as exciting, as there’s room at the end of this for some much larger stories!

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