November 14, 2014

Dallas Fan Days 2014 part 3: The Cosplay part 2

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Written by: Kristin
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For my write up of the convention experience this year, you can go here! This post is exclusively to showcase some of my favorite cosplays from the event (here’s the first half of the pictures). Dallas has an amazing community of cosplayers. Not only are they talented, but they’re friendly, charitable, and helpful. Some of the more skilled veterans hold workshops for those wishing to learn more costume making skills. Many North Texas cosplayers attend various charity events around the metroplex, most of them geared toward helping area children. There was even an award this year (the Trident Award, in memory of cosplayer Jonathan “Aquaman” Vela) that went out to a young cosplayer who founded her own charity called The Super 6 to provide basic comfort necessities for cancer patients in local children’s hospitals. There is a serious community in DFW, and they bring out the talent to the area conventions. Since there were three cosplay events (a red carpet walk on, Saturday’s costume contest, and Sundays kids’ contest), I’ll break this up into two posts. This post features costumes from Saturday and Sunday’s contests! 

FanDays14_0880 - Copy FanDays14_0888 - Copy FanDays14_0895 - Copy FanDays14_0940 - Copy FanDays14_0958 - Copy FanDays14_0966 - Copy FanDays14_0990 - Copy FanDays14_1019 - Copy FanDays14_1061 - Copy FanDays14_1074 - Copy FanDays14_1087 - Copy FanDays14_1103 - Copy FanDays14_1127 - Copy FanDays14_1138 - Copy FanDays14_1157 - Copy FanDays14_1179 - Copy FanDays14_1181 - Copy FanDays14_1214 - Copy FanDays14_1220 - Copy FanDays14_1226 - Copy FanDays14_1235 - Copy FanDays14_1251 - Copy FanDays14_1279 FanDays14_1304 FanDays14_1354 FanDays14_1418 FanDays14_1431 FanDays14_1466 FanDays14_1579 FanDays14_1616 FanDays14_1638 FanDays14_1658 FanDays14_1674 FanDays14_1686 FanDays14_1703 FanDays14_1727 FanDays14_1741 FanDays14_1744 FanDays14_1749 FanDays14_1751 FanDays14_1753

And that’s a wrap for Dallas Fan Days 2014! North Texas is one of the best places to be, and has some of the best costumes around. Come join us next time!




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