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December 7, 2009

DC Previews: Adventure Comics #5

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Written by: Jordan
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Releasing this Wednesday is Adventure Comics #5 with a second feature of Superboy from writers Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates, and artist Jerry Ordway. In this issue, Superboy-Prime is made to face his deepest and darkest fears. Will he be able to cope with them? Also, the second feature has Superboy facing off against what could be one of his toughest opponents yet, Lex Luthor! How will these two handle the difficult situations they are in? Find out this Wednesday! Here is a sneak peek to hold you over!

Looks like Superboy-Prime is getting his ass handed to him, but not before he takes down….uh….is that Dan Didio? Wow! I didn’t realize Prime had such a grudge against DC Comics. Heck, I didn’t even know DC Comics was on Earth-Prime! I wonder how this will play out?

Jordan West



  1. LOL!

    It would make sense that that’s Dan Didio as Superboy is always breaking the fourth wall in his comic…plus he reads his own comic, right?

  2. infinite speech

    These characters and their fourth walls lol I just may have to slip this one in my pull box

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