July 16, 2014

Infinite Man & Aron Fist: Who Shot Ya?!: ‘Original Sin’ Edition pt 8

We’ve got a huge batch of Original Sin to catch up with in this installment! Jason Aaron finally decided to let us know the specifics of the The Unseen, Avengers are still traveling in time, Deadpool is still letting Infinite Man down, and Thor’s family just got a little bigger! So sit back and see which issues in the event are worth your time and those that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on!


original sin 5Original Sin #5
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

I found this issue rather boring and the first let down in this otherwise awesome event. It’s a history lesson on Nicholas J. Fury in space. And Kansas History, in high school, would have kept me awake a lot more if it talked about the alien attack that was once here. – AF

Rating: 2.5/5

I’m seriously going to have to disagree with my partner here, because this is one eye opening issues that gives a classic reveal! Jason Aaron hid The Unseen right in front of our faces the entire time, and with a little misdirection I’m pretty sure not too many of us saw it coming. He’s also made Nick Fury Sr. the hardest working man in the Marvel Universe, and just adds yet another very cool layer to the world’s greatest super spy. There’s not too much I can say without spoiling some of the issue, but several plot threads that began in the first couple of issues are all wrapped up here. Most of it is very clear and concise, with everything building on the previous, and Aaron makes it all work quite well. Also, Deodato continues to make sure the visual storytelling is still as strong as it was when this event began. – IM

Rating: 4.5/5


OSfanfourFantastic Four #7
Writer:James Robinson
Leonard Kirk, Dean Haspel, & Nolan Woodard

So…I was wrong, last time, about this being how Ben turned into extra ugly, spikey Thing. It was just transformations going wonky, because good ol’ Johnny Storm went and messed up the calibrations in Ben’s little transformation chamber. THAT’S why Ben is mad at Johnny, but nothing Thing could do to the Torch could ever be as harsh and brutal as the verbal beating Mr. Fantastic gave Johnny when he found out the failure to turn Thing back into handsome and dapper Benjamin J. Grim was all his fault.

However, the past is now the least of Thing’s worries. He appears to have been caught red-handed in a very messy situation. Fantastic Four is very worth picking up, just because James Robinson is doing a…fantastic job with it. Probably the first time I have enjoyed his stories in, at least, a decade. – AF

Rating: 4.5/5


OSThorLokiOriginal Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1
Writer: Al Ewing 
Lee Garbett & Simone Bianchi

I haven’t really gotten into Jason Aaron’s reign as leader of Thor stuff, but since he is the leader of Thor stuff, he had a hand in plotting this series. The guy writing the script is none other than Al Ewing. The guy that has been killing it in New Avengers. He does a good job here, too, as Thor and young Loki go off to find Thor’s…sister. Whaaaaaaat?! (It’s something the eye-bomb showed Thor over in some other book called ORIGINAL SIN, or something.) The art is yucky, though. – AF

Rating: 3/5





OSAveng32Avengers #32
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

In this Original Sin tie-in, Hickman has been sending us farther and farther into the future over the past several issues. This one takes place over five thousand years later, and Cap, Widow, and Starbrand meet an aged yet familiar face. Now, at this point it seems as if it’s as far from the event it’s supposed to be tied to as the year the story takes place in. However, this does not mean that it’s not worth your time, especially if you’re not adverse to a science fiction heavy tale involving the Avengers.

Yu makes Hickman’s story look very good most of the issue, though we do get a few panels that don’t hold up to his usual level. Although the wide spanning space scenes really make up for a lot of the issue’s visual shortcomings.

Unlike my partner, Aron Fist, this series doesn’t hurt my head and is still one of the strongest Avengers titles on the shelf. Though it’s hard to see the connection to Original Sin, since Cap’s revelation is a very important one, hopefully Hickman will reveal it to us soon. -IM

Rating: 4/5


Osdeadpool31Deadpool #31
Writer: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
Artist: John Lucas

The good news is that Deadpool’s daughter has been found. The bad news is that the bad guys also have located the child and are attempting to kidnap her. So it’s a good thing that LMD Agent Preston is there to go all Terminator on the enemy and protect Ellie.

This has not been one of the enjoyable tie-ins to Original Sin, because it seems as if it was shoehorned into the event. Duggan and Posehn have Deadpool still with Dazzler fighting vampires while the search for Ellie is underway. Though it’s not the worst series of events, it sure isn’t fun to read. Now, the comedy in this issue isn’t even its strong suit, because it seems as if everything has just been going on for too long and it stopped being funny several issues ago. There is one gripping moment that has Deadpool pleading for help which hits pretty hard, but it’s a little too late.

On the visual side we do get some nice looking over the top action sequences from Lucas. His style helps keep the tone a little light at times, and conveys what you’d expect from a Deadpool comic. However, there just isn’t enough here to keep me coming back, so this is the last time you’ll see Deadpool in our Original Sin coverage. Oh, and for some reason Deadpool was able to travel with Thor’s hammer. I’m not sure how that one works, but someone thought it was alright. – IM

Rating: 1/5


OrigSins3Original Sins #3
Writer: Charles Soule, Dan Slott
Mark Bagley

You put Black Bolt on your cover, you already have my attention. You give me an Inhumans story, featuring Black Bolt, you definitely have my attention. With it being written by Charles Soule, whom I like very much over in another book called SWAMP THING, I’m a happy camper.

Like I said in my coverage of ORIGINAL SINS #1, I just do not care for the running Young Avengers story, but what I did care about was learning that J. Jonah Jameson use to have a healthy man-crush on ol’ webhead, from a quick little hit by Dan Slott and Mark Bagley.

This title can be a fun little event-related side road, but it isn’t necessary by any means. – AF

Rating: 3/5


OSAllNewInv7All New Invaders #7
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Mark Laming

The original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, takes us to the days of WWII as he explains to Radiant the reason the Invaders didn’t stop the atomic bomb from destroying her home country. A truth revealed to her when the Eye Bomb exploded back in Original Sin #2.

Most of the issue takes place in flashback as Robinson creates a nice look into how the government was going to utilize the Invaders during the war. It’s to be expected that they’re only seen as weapons, and Robinson throws in some nice inner turmoil to spice things up. However, the conclusion of Hammond’s tale was a bit too nice and tidy for my taste, but the issue’s cliffhanger makes up for that.

Laming’s artwork is very solid and moves everything along quite nicely. From the Invaders facing off against the Kid Commandos, to the less action packed moments in the issue.

As a tie-in this issue lacks a strong connection to the main event, but it does have a pretty strong story that still fits the tone of All-New Invaders. So if you’re already reading this title go ahead and grab this, but if you’re only looking for some Original Sin connection you might just want to skip it. – IM

Rating: 3/5



That wraps it up for this installment, so let us know what you think of Original Sin so far, and for more Infinite Man & Aron Fist click here!

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  1. “Oh, and for some reason Deadpool was able to travel with Thor’s hammer. I’m not sure how that one works, but someone thought it was alright.”

    Blame Jeph Loeb. Red Hulk travelled to space in a similar fashion back in Hulk #5.

    Although Thor was holding Mjolnir then as well. Theoretically speaking, even if Thor just threw Mjolnir to Chicago and told Deadpool to hang on, it should have fallen straight to the ground once Thor let go of it and Deadpool was the sole hand to be in contact with it.

    But yeah, in this case, the logic is that Thor threw the hammer and Deadpool hitched a ride on it.

    • So much was wrong with that and opens up too many questions lol

      So Thor just threw Mjolnir in the general direction of Chicago and dropped off Deadpool?
      Deadpool is now “worthy”??
      Thor can send Mjolnir to certain places now?

      Ugh…this issue killed it for me so I’m done with that and whatever editor saw that and and thought “Yeah, this is great!” lol

      But I know some people love it and that’s cool but I’m not one of them.

      • Thor has good aim, lol.

    • Yay… Jeff Loeb… ruiner of things we love.
      Man! What happened to him?! He used to be good. Right? I didn’t imagine that? At one point he was fairly talented.

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