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July 16, 2014

Dark Horse Reviews: Ghost #6

Ghost #6Ghost #6
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Chris Sebela
Pencils: Jan Duursema
Inks: Dan Parsons
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Cover: Jenny Frison

We return to the land of Ghost, and we left it with Elisa in some real danger. How are these people able to hit the normally untouchable ghost? What is Von Ghastly and what is his plan? What’s Tommy doing? Let’s find out!

While Von Ghastly’s revelation from the end of issue five might not be true, the reality is even stranger and far more interesting. He and his cult have an entirely different level of threat from before, but they’re no less dangerous. I don’t want to give anything away, but this whole thing feels like a great horror adventure swirling onto Team Ghost.

This discovery brings new twists to this rebooted world of Ghost. We aren’t just dealing with demons anymore; now there’s a weird cult, and their leader has dangerous powers. This shows a stranger reality that Team Ghost lives in and I’m all for it. I love stuff like this where someone finds something and takes it to an extreme that makes them a villain out of what they’ve learned and desire. I wish I could go into more, but I don’t want to spoil this since it’s just out now.

The thing I love about the art is that it can take something truly gruesome but give a spin of normalcy so it increases the horror without having to amp up the gross factor. You can see something horrible, and if you were to see it in real life be absolutely disgusted, while in a movie it’d come off as over the top. Here it’s somehow able to transcend that and just be a part of a scene like the characters and rest of the scenery. That’s what makes it great, it’s just part of the world, and you can agree with it and that makes you feel uneasy with such violence.

It should come as no surprise by this point that I highly recommend this book. I’ve been enjoying it since issue zero of its mini-series run from last year. If you’re getting the book already, you’ll like what you are getting. If you are new, go back to the beginning or at least one issue back to start this story line. Go forth and read.

Dr. Alexander Bustos



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