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June 26, 2014

Gotta Have It!: Flash Belt Buckle

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Flash! He’ll save every one of us! Okay, that’s an entirely different Flash, but the sentiment is still there. The Flash is one of my favorite characters. When I was a teenager I had a bunch of Flash merchandise I used to wear. They lasted me a long time and most of them are no longer being made. The good news is has plenty of Flash merchandise, and you can build your own Flash wardrobe with their help.

The first item I wanted to check out was SuperHeroStuff’s Flash belt buckle. I use to have an old Flash belt buckle that lasted me years and years, and I still have it as a keepsake. When I saw the one SuperHeroStuff had, I had to see if it was maybe like my old one. Turns out, it’s the same brand so I can tell you folks right now, this belt will last you for a good chunk of time. What’s really interesting is that my old one aged and the color didn’t fade so much as darken. So the new buckle looks a lot like Barry’s costume, while my old one now looks like Wally’s 90s costume. So even as your belt enters its twilight years, it will become a different Flash to show the changing times.


The buckle is curved so that it conforms to your waist’s natural shape. A lot of belt buckles will remain flat images, and that leaves you having an uncomfortable piece of metal jutting into your torso when you sit down or twist your body. The Flash symbol looks great and has a nice gloss to it so it shines when light hits it.

If you want a Flash belt buckle, and I imagine this goes with other belt buckles sold at SuperHeroStuff, get this one. It’s solid and likely is going to last you a few Summer Olympics events. My old one lasted about…I want to say three of those, so I imagine you are getting what you paid for when you get one of these babies. They don’t lose their gorgeous look, they just become more of the same great thing. Highly recommended.

Dr. Alexander Bustos



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