June 13, 2014

Top Cow Reviews: Tales of Honor #3

TalesofHonor03_CoverA-copy-2Tales of Honor #3
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist(s): Sang-Il Jeong & Linda Sejic
Cover: Sang-Il Jeong

What started off as a simple assignment for Honor Harrington has turned into a multi-layered descent into smuggling, political intrigue, and death. Her command has also come into question by her Second, and it seems the deeper the investigation goes the more enemies the young Captain is making.

Being an individual who is very new to the “Honorverse” I can say it’s been quite the experience reading this series. It’s based on the novels by David Weber, and Matt Hawkins has done well with bringing this story over to comics, delivering a solid interpretation of Honor for those of us who are meeting her and experiencing her world for the first time.

This issue has her investigation actually revealing certain key elements while also making very good use of some character development. Hawkins writes a standout scene involving Honor and her Second as they clear the air between them after an intense meeting, showing a different type of strength in our female lead here and why she leads the crew of HMS Fearless. There is plenty of dialogue in this issue, and depending on your preference that can either be good or off putting. For me it’s pretty necessary as there’s so many things taking place that it helps with keeping the events in line.

Sang-Il Jeong and Linda Sejic do bring you one visually stunning book as they immerse your eyes in this sci-fi tale. From the action scenes to the tranquility of space, there’s a great amount of detail involved that puts you in the middle of everything. Especially the double page spread showing the arrival of Hauptman’s ship, which was such a simple scene but richly detailed that just put it over most of the other panels of the book.

Tales of Honor may not be for everyone, but it is a rich sci-fi tale that many fans of the novel already know. So if you want to add another sci-fi title to your list then you should give Tales of Honor the shot it deserves!

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