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June 13, 2014

All-New Uncanny X-Piles #171

Anyone know what the plural of Wendigo is? Wendigoes? Wendigi? Or is it like “deer” or “moose”- Wendigo? This is important because this week’s X-Piles had more Wendigo than Wolverine has styling gel. Wanna hear what ComicAttack.net’s resident X-Men fanboys thought of this week’s books? Read on, true believer, and leave us some love in the comments!


Cover_Amazing_X-Men_V2_008Amazing X-Men #8
Writers: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost
Artist: Ed McGuinness

After last issue’s “Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends” debacle, we are back in business with this truly “amazing” title.

Craig Kyle & Chris Yost’s run on New X-Men and X-Force were among some of my favorite in the last decade. Back then, I always said these guys needed to be on a main X-Men book. Looks like Marvel is once again reading the X-Piles, because they’re back, and they are paired with series artist Ed McGuiness.

I have always enjoyed the X-Men stories that ventured up to Canada. That first Claremont & Byrne story with Alpha Flight is one of my most nostalgic stories. I loved how it peeked into Wolverine’s past at a time when we knew nothing about the hairy thug. I enjoyed the introduction to Alpha Flight and how they represent all of the various Canadian stereotypes. This issue is a return to that feel of X-Men story.

Wolverine goes up to visit Mac and Heather as he does occasionally, only to find that Mac is missing and Heather is scared. They go hunting for him and find out that there is something big, white, and hairy lurking in the darkness (and no, it is not my ass). This brings a call out to the X-Men and Alpha Flight, and I can’t wait to see these teams together again. Not only that, but there is a herd of Wendigos after them!

Ed McGuiness is channelling his inner John Byrne and Todd McFarlane. This issue reminded me also of the McFarlane Spider-Man book from the early ’90s, when Peter Parker goes to Canada to investigate a molestation case only to find the Wendigo in the hot seat, and Wolverine trying to sniff out the real killer. I loved that story, even though it was very dark and creepy. McGuiness is capturing the feel of both of the aforementioned stories, and Mark Farmer’s inks are much in keeping with the highly rendered style of McFarlane.

I almost forgot to mention that Colossus rejoins the fold here after his infection of the Phoenix and his mercenary adventures with Cable & X-Force. They don’t make a big deal of his return, and I’m glad they didn’t. Having Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler together again is enough to make me smile.

This feels like classic X-Men to me, and for now, that’s a really good thing. –JJ

Rating: 8.5/10

amazing xmen 8Amazing X-Men #8
Writer(s): Craig Kyle & Chris Yost
Artist: Ed McGuinness

You would think that a healing factor-less Wolverine would take things a little easy. Maybe write a nasty letter to Cyclops or take Rockslide fishing. Well, that’s not the case here as he rushes off to Canada to help one of his oldest friends, Heather McDonald. That can only mean trouble since her husband has gone missing and the trail leads to one of the few creatures on the planet that give Logan a reason to be afraid!

As soon as you see the cover you just know that Kyle and Yost are not going to be taking it easy on Wolverine. And though I love a good Wolverine vs Wendigo story it’s always better when you add more of them to the mix. The only problem I have is that you will usually also have to deal with some of the characters from Alpha Flight for those of us who aren’t too fond of those characters. However, even their presence doesn’t hinder the story as everything is set up and we’re given one of the BEST causes for a Wendigo outbreak…EVER!

We’ve come to expect good looking visuals from McGuinness over the years and for the most part that’s what you’ll see here. Though it seems that the scenes from the Jean Grey School were not as good looking as everything that takes place in Canada. It’s not much to where you’re throwing your hands up in the air in dismay but there is a slight difference. What is also a bit more annoying than anything is the issue with Logan’s claws. McGuinness draws a classic Wolverine popping his claws and jumping into action the way we’ve enjoyed for years. Then on a great looking double splash page the claws have moved from the back of his hand to coming out from between his fingers. Something we’ve been seeing ever since the first X-Men film came out. It’s a visual shift that’s unfortunately made it’s way into the comics since then and just looks very odd after things being drawn a certain way for so long.

Aside from those annoying things this was a fun issue that helps break up the monotony of the Schism, Sentinal battles or the X-Men constantly fighting Avengers. Kyle and Yost have four more issues to go with this arc so let’s hope things get completely out of hand and full of Wendigo madness! – IS

Rating: 7/10

Cover_All-New_X-Factor_009All-New X-Factor #9
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico

We’re nine issues into this series, so at this point you should have formed a decisive opinion on whether or not this title is enjoyable to you. In my case, it most certainly is. If you have been following the coverage of All-New X-Factor that we have been providing to you via the Uncanny X-Piles, you should already have a pretty good idea of which direction this review is heading.

Peter David is really starting to settle in with these characters. He got to dust off his old Quicksilver cobwebs in this issue by giving him the stage with a convincing two-page, one-sided debate against his half-sister, Polaris. It’s great to see Pietro be “right” once in a while. It almost makes you forget how much of a jerk he is the other 95% of the time.

Polaris, Mr. Snow, Mrs. Snow, Gambit, Georgia Dakei and Dr. Wexler also get enough panel time in this issue to move many plot points forward, which are all handled masterfully by PAD. This issue is chalked full of memorable moments for all of those characters and I am looking forward to how things progress further for each of them.

The main plot continues to revolve around Georgia Dakei and her parents. A twist is revealed at about the halfway point and the proverbial crap hits the fan by the time you reach the back cover in a brilliant cliffhanger moment.

I’m still hugely impressed with Carmine’s work on this title and I’m happy that he has confirmed that he will remain on All-New X-Factor for at least another three issues. You’ll be treated to what you’ve already become accustomed to with his pencils and strong ink work. Lee Loughridge’s fantastic switching of color palettes to transition between scenes and settings is used to great effect without ever being distracting, nor does it hinder the reading pace.

The bottom line is that I am now totally invested in All-New X-Factor and if all aspects of this title from story to characters to art continue to progress as they have been, I will be committed to this series for the foreseeable future. –SMG

Rating: 9/10


What did you think about this week’s X-books? Let us know below! You can check out more X-Piles right here!

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