June 4, 2014

Top Cow Reviews: Rise of the Magi #1

riseoftheMAGI1Rise of the Magi #1
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Marc Silvestri
Artist(s): Sumeyye Kesgin & Marc Silvestri
Cover: Marc Silvestri

Rise of the Magi #1 picks up after the FCBD issue, but don’t worry, if you missed it there’s a great recap that prepares you for the fun you’re going to have in this issue! Once that’s over, Silvestri wastes no time in getting things going as the final moments of Raye Stone’s life play out and his younger brother, Asa, is forced to begin a new one in his place.

It’s pretty easy to get lost in all of the magic wielding and fantasy elements, and that’s the best part of Rise of the Magi! Silvestri’s world building here is a large part of its charm, along with the magical twists on every day items. The characters themselves are also established pretty quickly, but you get everything you need to know as the action begins to speed things up and things turn brutal. But as dark as things begin to get, Silvestri throws in some humor along the way to lighten the mood.

The first chapter’s art is handled by Kesgin, while Silvestri finishes up in the second. Though the shift in styles is noticeable, it’s not jarring nor does it disrupt the flow of the story. Both artists deliver quality visuals for the world of Rune, and various character designs of the people and creatures that inhabit the land. My only gripe is seeing where Asa is transported to, only because it won’t allow for the same type of creative designs we get earlier in the issue. So hopefully we get a lot more of Rune as the series progresses.

If you’re into fantasy, magic, and adventure, then Rise of the Magi more than deserves some of your time! It gets everything right for a first issue and keeps you hooked until the cliffhanger. The second issue can’t come soon enough!

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