May 29, 2014

Titan Comics Reviews: Dragons: Riders of Berk Vol 1

DRAGONROBvol1Dragons: Riders of Berk Vol 1
Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Iwan Nazif

For those of you longing for more adventures of Hiccup and Toothless, look no further than Riders of Berk! Set after the events of the first film, this series shows that things haven’t slowed down in Berk since the Vikings and Dragons came together.

Hiccup and his friends are flying around on their dragons and showing off their tricks when things get a little intense with Hookfang. He seems a bit angrier than usual, and is also shedding super-heated scales all over the village. Since this painful growth spurt is endangering everyone, Stoic has ordered Hookfang to leave and stay in a cave. However, the Outcast Tribe have plans of their own for Hookfang, and revenge on Stoic and the others.

There’s so much fun in this story that carries over from the film that it’s almost guaranteed you’ll enjoy it. Furman captures the voice of the characters, and stays in the spirit of the film and television series from start to finish. Along with that is the visual storytelling from Nazif, which is perfect here. It’s just as fun to look at as the story is to read from start to finish.

You’ll want to add this to your collection if you’re a fan of the films and are eagerly waiting for the sequel, or just can’t wait for the next episode of the television show. Riders of Berk Vol 1 is just as entertaining and fun, so it’s worth a few reads for fans of all ages!

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